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5 Steps for Connecting with Teens
a Training by Jonathan McKee

Jonathan provides 5 very practical tips for youth workers of how to connect with young people today in day to day situations.

If you like this video, you'll love Jonathan's book on the subject, CONNECT.

"This by far is the most practical, practical book I have ever read actually implementing a strategy and structure to make it happen!"
- Dan Kimball, They Like Jesus But Not The Church

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Comments on this post

   Evelin Hurtado         8/21/2016 11:48:36 AM

You have good matirial to help us to understand youth people.

   Cindy Williams          1/11/2016 11:59:37 AM

Fun to watch. Chuckle at myself. Easy-to-use leader training tips for groups or online!!! Great tips for new year! It always helps for leaders to hear suggestions from someone other than me!

   john         3/10/2015 7:19:40 AM

i like it