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How to bring this to your city

Now you can bring Jonathan to your city
for a one-day youth workers/youth leadership training.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

The key to making this event happen in any location is networking. We ask that at least 10 churches, youth groups, or youth organizations get together for this training event. If 10 groups get together, marketing is easy, budgeting is affordable, and the day is not only a great day of training, but a great day of networking for your area.

After you network, organizing the day is easy.

A - Plan your budget.
    If you can network at least 10 groups together, then budgeting is more than affordable.

    The only cost that we at The Source for Youth Ministry charge is $2,000 which includes all travel expenses. (So if you pull together 10 or more groups, that means $200 per group initially.) Then, as more people from other churches sign up, the cost gets less and less. The only other budget item that the organizing groups are responsible for is lunch.

    You can organize it how you want. People who have done it in the past raised up to $2,000 like this:

    First each of the 10 groups put $200 in a central fund, totaling at least $2,000. Then they booked us and set a price for the conference. They agreed that any group who put $200 in the fund could bring any of their staff for free. Outside groups paid per person. We recommend $12 or $15 a person, including lunch. Then that money also went into the central fund to pay for lunch, snacks and any other misc. costs. At the end, if there was any money left in the fund, they divided it between the initial groups.

    Once you're done figuring out the budget, you need to find a host.

B - Find a church to host the training.
    You'll want:
    • A place that can fit 100 or more youth workers around tables for the seminar and lunch
    • Media capabilities (projector, screen, sound)
    • A central location that is easy to find for all churches, groups and individuals
C - Plan lunch.
    You can:
    • Order pizza and have coolers with sodas
    • Make lunches if your church has kitchen facilities
The key is planning a cheap lunch that youth workers can eat in the training room around their tables. It's also nice to have snacks and drinks available throughout the day.

First- I will market it for you on my web site and in my EZINE. You just give me all the information including a contact #, and I'll send people to you.

Next, the 10 groups each market it to other groups and/or other churches in their denomination. We've seen churches from a denomination make a few phone calls and fill this conference with churches from their district/region.

It's that simple.

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