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About the training: what you'll learn

This one day or half day workshop equips youth workers, both paid and volunteer, to initiate contact with today’s teenagers. Connecting with kids has been deemed one of the most-if not THE most-important priority in youth ministry today. This training provides unique insight how to connect with kids one-on-one, equipping youth leaders with resources and ideas to help them reach the different kids they will encounter in this rapidly changing culture.

In John 1:14 the Bible says that the word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. God recognized our need for Him and His remedy was to send His Son to us to restore that broken relationship. That’s really the Bible’s message as a whole: I am your God and you are my people. When we messed it up, God sent Jesus and called Him Emanuel, which means God is with us.

God is a relational God and we are relational people.

  Effective ministry starts with strong relationships.

    Effective youth ministry understands how to connect kids with caring adults.

Laugh, interact with other youth workers, and maybe even win some resources for your youth ministry. A great day for your whole leadership team!

"We have used Jonathan for many of our conferences. His sessions always have standing room only, and his content is always fresh and interesting. Jonathan's winning combination of humor and experience always knocks the ball out of the park!"
    Ray Johnston
    Senior Pastor, Bayside Covenant Church
    Author, "Developing Student Leaders"

  • Understand the importance of relational ministry in an increasingly isolated culture.
  • Discover how to connect with today’s generation of young people.
  • Learn how to balance your programming into three key ministry areas reaching the 'six types of kids’ that our research has uncovered.
  • Discover how the media is changing how young people think today.
  • Obtain resources and ideas to reach the different kids you will encounter in this rapidly changing culture.
"Jonathan is an incredible communicator. We've spoke at several conferences together, and he's always a hit! He has what it takes to get tough with this generation. He is funny, committed, challenging, and he speaks with an edge."
    Jim Burns, Ph.D.
    President, YOUTH BUILDERS

This isn't just for big churches in big cities. Small churches have got together and made this happen. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

"We brought Jonathan out to lead a workshop for youth leaders from churches across our Conference. His presentation on reaching unchurched youth was very meaningful and inspiring for those youth leaders present, representing small youth groups of 8 to large church youth groups of 100+. His training session provided our youth leaders with enthusiasm to make a difference. We hope to be able to use him again in the future."
    Sue Ellen Nicholson, Director of Children and Youth Ministries
    North Carolina Conference United Methodist Church

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