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Leonard Lee

If you are looking at this page then you need a Speaker for your event, conference or camp. Leonard Lee could be the one you want! Here is what you get when you get Leonard.

You get a speaker with a lot of experience.
Leonard Lee Since the late 70's Leonard has been in ministry in one form or another. He is always ready to serve, preach, teach, lead or just play around. He served as a youth pastor for almost 6 1/2 years before joining the ministry of Sacramento Youth for Christ. He has spoken to thousands of students, both junior and senior high, churched and unchurched. After 10+ years of filling his home with 75-125 students every week, working with gangs, training staff, speaking and writing Leonard answered the call of God to plant a church in North Highlands CA. Since 1996 Leonard is the pastor of Grace Center Church. Leonard regularly speaks to Junior and Senior High Students at camps, conferences, in church youth groups and at large and small events. Leonard has spent time in Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and most recently India where he spoke in a crusade and Key Noted three Leadership Conferences. His unique blend of Passion, Humor and Truth make him both effective and relevant to any audience.

You get a speaker with a pastor's heart.
"I feel like God is saying directly to me that His love is real."
Junior High Student, San Jose CA

You get a speaker who understands the power of personal relationships.
"I have never had a speaker spend this much time with students"
High School Teacher and former Youth Pastor

"I've never seen such a powerful ministry through a speaker's life in a junior high camp before"
Youth Volunteer, Davis CA

You get a speaker who understands the importance of humor in connecting to students.
"Leonard has a unique ability to grab people's attention through humor, and then touch a person's heart with truth. He is a speaker that can deal with the deep issues of life in a way that is simple and motivating. I have seen him speak effectively to hundreds of unchurched junior high students and as effectively to a group of leadership high school students."
Jim Holst, Bayside Covenant, Granite Bay CA

You get a speaker who knows how to relate the Word of God to today's youth without diluting the message!
"Leonard has a heart for God's Word. He shares his heart with all that will listen. He speaks of things from deep inside himself and demonstrates a clear understanding of what drives us. His personal examples and insights inspire us to walk with God in a practical way."
Glen Belden, Bayside Covenant, Granite Bay CA

"Leonard made the Bible easy for me to understand and helped me to want to apply what I just heard him say."
Senior High Student, Sacramento CA

You get a speaker Kids want to listen too!
"I can't wait till you give your talk again tonight!"
Junior High Student, Granite Bay CA

"This is the first time I actually looked forward to the evening session. You really make me think about my life and God"
Senior High Student, Elk Grove CA

You get a speaker whose words and life match.
"I have been using Leonard to speak at events for over 10 years. He is truly a man that God uses. His words and life match creating a powerful testimony to the grace of God. I have had him speak at Junior High, Senior High, Leadership, Outreach and Family events. He never fails to bring 4 indispensable qualities with Him."
  • A passion for the Word of God that excites others.
  • A humble servants heart that makes him one of the most accessible and relational speakers I have ever known
  • A strong personal character and presence that makes him an effective leader in every event he is a part of.
  • A real sense of Joy at the Goodness and Kindness of God that makes him both fun to be around and fun to listen to.
If you can, get Him and you won't be disappointed!

Ron Hunt, Pastor San Jose CA

Leonard Lee
(916) 836-6360