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Matt Furby

Matt Furby Hilarious
Furby is one of the funniest speakers you'll find. His background of improv and drama give him an edge that keeps audiences laughing, holding the interest of those with even the shortest attention spans.

Matt is relational. He spends a huge percentage of his time in full time ministry hanging out with kids, loving them, and interacting with them. Matt understands where kids are at and brings the truth of the scriptures to them in a real and relevant way.

His talks are more than just entertaining, they are Biblically based. Matt shares God's truth understandably and practically.

"I will rearrange my schedule just to get a chance to hear Furby speak. Every time I listen to him I am blessed. Yes… he's hilarious, but he's so much more. Furby is creative, he is passionate and his heart for Jesus shines through!" -Jonathan McKee

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