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David R. Smith

David R. Smith
David R. Smith

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I'm incredibly grateful that you have chosen to serve God by leading in youth ministry. You're investing your life into those He loves so much, and so, I thank you.

As a writer and speaker, I'm honored to stand beside you and offer you resources, through The Source for Youth Ministry, that further your efforts in transforming students into lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. Nothing brings me greater joy than listening to youth workers passionately describe the radical change God has brought into the lives of their students.

If you are diligently working on an event, and need a speaker, I'll gladly do all that I can to make sure it has the impact you desire.

Yours In Him,
   David R. Smith

"David R. Smith has been one of our ministry's speakers for over ????????? years now and one thing I know for sure: when someone books David for their camp, event or retreat, they are always glad they did! David is funny and he speaks in a language that kids understand. But more than that, David is genuine. Kids appreciate his authenticity and are impacted by his relevant messages.

David now trains youth workers across the U.S. through our DO THEY RUN WHEN THEY SEE YOU COMING workshops.

I strongly recommend him."
~Jonathan McKee
Author, Getting Students to Show Up

David R. Smith

"David impressed me with his humor, his heart and his Southern accent! He's a talented communicator who understands his audience and delivers with style!"
~Ray Johnston
Pastor, Bayside Church, Granite Bay, CA

David R. Smith

"I've been leading worship for over 10 years, and in all my events, I always ask who I am working with. I like it when the answer is 'David R. Smith.' He is one of the speakers I would do an event with in a heartbeat."
~James Iverson
The Immersed Worship Band

David R. Smith

"David does not sell himself; he makes it all about Jesus. He loves investing his life into other ministers, their leadership teams, and the students of those ministries. He brings many gifts to the table, the most important being an authentic heart for those around him. His heart is shared whether it is through speaking to hundreds of students, training a group of adults, or one-on-one over a Chili Dog." David's relationship with God is one that's real."
~Austin Aldridge
First Baptist of Marietta, GA

David R. Smith's Bio

David R. Smith is a 14 year youth ministry veteran, pulling from rich experiences with which to teach and train others. His giftedness is in sharing the gospel and equipping others to do the same.

For a glimpse of David's style, check out his numerous articles on our YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW page or hear him on the SOURCE's PODCAST on Episode #13 and #17.
David lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Jennifer, and their 3 year old son, Josiah. He spends his free time playing golf... and apologizing to home owners for errant shots.

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