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Stupid Skits


This skit is one you can use to involve the crowd.

Have a person dressed up in some coveralls of some sort of a box on their head so the crowd can't see how HIDEOUS this grotesque monster is! Have a flap in the box so someone could lift the flap and see the monster's face (without the audience seeing the face).

Have another person standing next to the monster, like a ‘Sales Person’ at the country fair. They will say, "COME AND SEE THE MONSTER! STEP RIGHT UP AND YOU CAN COME AND SEE THE SCAREY MONSTER...”so on and so forth. Two or three people from the crowd need to be in on it. The Sales Person calls them up one at a time to look at the monster. As each of them take a look (one at a time) they get scared and scream and run off.

Next, the Sales Person gets a person from the crowd (be sure to choose a good sport – someone who isn't in on it) to come up and prepare them to look at the monster. Then the Sales Person will have them look at the monster. As soon as they lift the flap to look at the monster, have the monster run away screaming.

Idea by Danielle

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