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Motorcycle Gang

Skit Description:
This skit requires two campers and a motorcycle gang (however many people you want).

    Guy 1: All right, the tent is pitched, but unfortunately it can only fit one person.

    Guy 2: Well, I guess we can switch off between nights. I'll sleep outside tonight, and tomorrow you can sleep outside.

    Guy 1: I like that idea. OK, good night.

    Guy 2: Good night.

    (Guy 1 goes into the tent. Guy 2 lies down outside the tent and falls asleep.)

    (Motorcycle gang comes along, making motorcycle noises and beats up the guy

    Guy 1: (coming out of the tent) What happened?

    Guy 2: This motorcycle gang came and beat me up. Can we switch places, please?

    Guy 1: O.K. fine. You sleep in the tent tonight.

    (Both guys switch places and go to sleep. The motorcycle gang comes back for

    Gang leader: Wait, we already got the guy outside the tent. Let's get the one inside the tent.

    (Gang goes in the tent and beats up the same guy again.)

    The End

    Added by Dean Bryant

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Comments on this post

   Gary Anderson         9/8/2014 9:48:26 AM

Perfect for getting things started and getting the attention up on stage. This skit helps your students see that your leaders are FUN!

   Bill Pagan         6/24/2014 10:22:29 AM

Very Funny. However, too short. But laughed for awhile.