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Skit Description:
This is a really funny skit. We performed it for a school show and it was a huge hit!!! This first part of the skit is spoken very dull and softly.

    Mom: (starts to sweep kitchen floor)

    Dad: (comes in very tired) Honey will you make me some breakfast?

    Mom: Not now, I am sweeping the floor, get it yourself.

    (Dad walks over to make himself breakfast.)

    Mom: (goes over to daughter who is at breakfast table) Will you please go wake up your brother?

    Sister: O.K.

    (Sister walk's up to Brother who is just in front of Mom, center stage. Then she lightly kicks Brother 3 times.)

    Sister: Oh no, I think brother's dead.

    (Note: remember its all dull and boring)

    Mom: Oh no! Call the ambulance.

    Dad: O.K.

    Ambulance/Med Tech.: Wee-ooo-weee-ooo-wee-ooo. Oh no, I think your son is dead.

    Director: (very mad) CUT!CUT!CUT! What was that? That was so bad! Can't you be a little more happy! Lets try this again... And...action!

    (Now you do the whole thing very happy and loving. So when Brother dies every one is happy to call the ambulance. Even the ambulance is happy. The director gets mad and say's to be more mad because Mom doesn't want to make breakfast, she is sweeping the floor. After that the director says to be more sad that brother is dead. So now every thing done in “sad” mode. When mom sweeps she is sad, even ambulance is sad. Everything is very over-done! Finally the director say's they suck and he is leaving. When he leaves they decide to do it right. When they do, and they are crying because brother is dead, they all stop in unison.)

    Sister: Now what?

    Dad: I don’t know. That’s as far as we got.

    Mom: It's about lunch time, anybody want to get something to eat?

    (They all agree and leave the stage soon after brother gets up and say's…)

    Brother: Hey, wait for me!

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   Mallory         5/24/2016 8:10:49 AM

This skit is absolutly so funny! We got so many laughs at our school talent show!