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Sex Skit

This is a very short skit that works well as an introduction to a discussion about God’s vision/purpose for sex. The patient in the scene is a guy who clearly thinks about sex all the time. You might transition immediately into a group discussion by asking, “When does it seem like everyone is thinking about sex?” or “Do you agree or disagree with the statement: “All guys think about sex all the time?”

Needed Props:
  • Chairs for two volunteers

  • a desk for the doctor (or small table)

  • notebook, paper, and pen

  • pre-drawn pictures as listed below in the script (you may want to put the Doctor in a tie/coat or white Doctor’s coat)

Psychologist and patient played by 2 adult leaders

Scene Script:
    (A doctor’s office with a desk for doctor and a chair for the patient. The Doctor sits behind his desk facing the patient… who sits in chair across from him.)

    Doctor: I am going to show you some pictures. You tell me what comes to you mind when you see each picture. Ready? Here is the first picture.

    (Doctor holds up a circle (drawn on paper) where everyone can see it.)

    Doctor: What do you see?

    Patient: Sex!

    (Next, the doctor holds up a triangle, and asks the patient what it reminds him of.)

    Patient: (Goes wild and yells) Sex!

    (The doctor then holds up a square and again in the patient goes wild.)

    Doctor: I know what your problem is. You’ve got a dirty mind.

    Patient: Me? You’re the one with all the dirty pictures!

    (Doctor exits stage and patient looks to audience and shrugs. Patient exits stage.)

Original Idea by Young Life

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   Leann          3/31/2016 4:50:13 PM

This is very inappropriate. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

   Peter         2/8/2016 7:47:24 PM

i think this is a little innappropriate

   jermaine         10/20/2015 2:34:06 PM

omg! so f****** funny!

   nona reece         9/14/2015 7:40:30 AM

I like it as an intro to the topoc