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Sumo Wrestlers Skit

Excessively silly actors will make this skit hilarious. The announcer must be prepared with a script which includes the introduction to the match as well as a list of sumo wrestling moves. The wrestlers never actually touch each other. Instead, they do to themselves what true wrestlers would do to each other. Make sure you prep your volunteer actors with practice. Grab a DVD of actual Sumo Wrestling to get some good moves but also create your own moves and give them outrageous titles to get laughs.

  • 2 Sumo Wrestlers (muscular or flabby physiques are entertaining)

  • 1 Announcer

  • Large white sheets are used to make adult sized diaper-uniforms

  • Microphone for announcer (you can use a broom handle or a plunger)

2 wrestlers come stomping into the room, circling each other and snorting at each other with deep voices.

Announcer introduces the first man, Yamahaha, who steps forward, bows with folded hands and slowly laughs with a deep voice and a Japanese accent, "ha ha ha ha ha." He then throws rice over each shoulder. This procedure is repeated when the announcer introduces Korimoto-ho, who then responds with a "ho ho ho."

After their introduction, the 2 wrestlers begin fighting. They never touch each or speak, except the occasional "ha ha’s" and "ho ho’s." The fight is conducted by each fighter doing to himself what he really wants to do to his opponent. The opponent responds — at the same time — by reacting to the hold or punch as if it really happened to him. While this is going on, the announcer calls the play-by-play, describing finger bends, nostril lifts, toe stomps, navel jabs, and armpit hair pulls.

To conclude skit, Sumo Wrestlers knock themselves out and the announcer calls the match to a close.

Original Idea by Young Life

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