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Bucket Trick Skit, The

This is a skit/trick which the leader plays for the entire group. It requires the leader of the group and one adult volunteer who is able to really ham it up. It’s especially effective if the adult volunteer is older because when he/she drinks the water from the fountain of youth he/she will be transformed into a child-like volunteer. He’ll act silly with the audience, giggle, skip around the room, etc…

Bucket, long-handled ladle, rice or confetti, a small amount of water and a glass to pour the water into.

Announce that you have a bucket of water from the fountain of youth. (Make up a short story of how you stumbled upon the fountain of youth and how you have seen the powerful effect that it has on the people who drink from it.) The sincerity of the leader’s dramatic introduction sets the scene for this silly skit. Ask your adult volunteer to step up to the front and try a drink of water (This is your clued-in older volunteer). The bucket is brought in, and the audience can't see inside it, but it is really a bucket of rice or confetti with a long-handled ladle sticking out. Inside the dipper of the ladle is some water. The outside of the dipper must be dry so that no rice will stick to it. You take the dipper out of the bucket, pour the water into a glass, and the volunteer drinks it.

He waits and questions you about the power of the water. Then he reports, “Wait, I feel a little different…” and begins acting like a two year old. His behavior grows more child-like as he skips, sings kid-songs and plays with the hair of kids in the audience. Finally, he feels really silly and grabs the bucket of water (confetti or rice). Adult leader tries to stop him, cautions him with a “time out” warning and finally the adult child throws bucket’s contents all over the audience.

Original Idea by Young Life

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