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Dueling Nostrils

Set to the tune of “Dueling Banjos,” 2 volunteers light up their nostrils in a dark room for tons of laughs!

  • 2 volunteers

  • 2 penlights

  • the “Dueling Banjos” song off of the movie soundtrack Deliverance.
  • Nice suit jackets or old tuxedos and ties

  • Instrument cases (bigger the better)

  • Q-Tips

  • 2 chairs set center stage

Volunteers enter stage very seriously, dressed in concert costumes (maybe tuxedos), and carrying instrument cases. They set their cases down, open them up, and then pull out Q-tips. They clean out their noses with the Q-tips, and then put the penlights up into their noses, which is the cue for the lights to go out and the music to start. They then go back and forth with one person following the guitar and the other following the banjo, lighting up (turning on) the penlights which makes their noses glow red. After the song is done they very seriously pack up their things and leave the room.

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