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Belly Button Whistlers

Large sheets of cardboard, duct tape, bright make up (to draw faces on the bellies of male volunteers), extra-large men’s T-Shirts, theme music, 3-4 young male volunteers.

The strength of this skit is in visual humor. Take time to prepare the top hats, T-Shirts, shorts and makeup in order to get big laughs.

Use large sheets of cardboard to create body-sized top hats. You can find these sheets of cardboard at grocery or discount stores. (Often large boxes are used between stacks of paper towels or toilet paper.) The sheets of cardboard must be wide enough to wrap around the upper body (head, arms and chest) of a young adult male. Make a cylinder of cardboard, use duct tape to hold ends together. Use left-over cardboard to make the brim of the hat. When placed on the body, the hat should slide over head, chest and arms with the top or the hat resting on the top of the head of your male volunteer. The brim of the hat should hit the volunteer below the chest and above the belly button.

Male volunteers remove their shirts and draw faces on their bellies with belly buttons as mouths. Make sure extra lipstick is available to really over-state the visual belly-button mouth.

Extra-Large men’s T-Shirts are then put on the volunteers with the necks of T-Shirts sitting on the waists of volunteers. Volunteers then put shorts on the lower part of their legs. When the top hats are put over their upper bodies, the visual effect is very funny.

Play music with whistling (Globe-Trotters’ theme song, or the middle of Walk like an Egyptian by the Go Go’s) and let the dance through the room.

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