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Banana Pudding

3 people: the chef, the eater, and the director

Director Action!
Chef Stirs imaginary pot.
Eater enters Whatcha Making?
Chef Banana pudding
Eater Can I try some?
Chef Sure
Eater Dips finger into pot. Mmm. That’s good. Falls over dead
Director Cut, cut, cut!!! This will never work! Try it faster!

Keep on repeating, faster each time until you can't understand at all.
If you can, put a mattress, or something soft, for the eater to land on.

You can try doing it peppier, Hillbilly, rapper, hippy, surfer styles, etc.

Added by Kitrina Lows

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   jenten         5/25/2018 6:13:56 AM

this is terrible

   nicole         10/20/2011 8:55:00 AM

this is good