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Sneak Thief Skit

Two guys at a “restaurant” already sitting behind a table covered with a long table cloth (so audience can’t see underneath). One pulls out the paper and begins to read. He shares some of the stories briefly with his friend and then whistles in surprise:

    Man 1: (with paper) Did you see this article about the Sneak Thief?

    Man2: No, what happened?

    Man1: Listen to this (reads aloud). "Another series of bizarre robberies occurred yesterday in (name of your town). Purses, wallets, jackets and other items mysteriously disappeared. Police are baffled and have no clues as to the thief’s identity or how he or she strikes without being seen. The public is warned to be on their guard until the thief is apprehended.”

    Man 2: That’s unbelievable!

They continue to talk. A waitress brings coffee and the check. One man signs the check. The other man looks at his watch and says, "We’d better get back to the office." They both arise and walk out minus their pants and clad in bright colored boxer shorts.

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