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Magic Bandana Skit

Two guys come out; one is the magician, one is his not-so-smart assistant. The magician introduces his act and sends his assistant to a table behind him and (facing the audience) says,
    "Herkimer, (his assistant), do exactly as I say . . ." (Magician can’t see him)

    • "Pick up the bandana . . ." Herkimer picks up a bandana and also a banana that is lying on the table, looks at them, scratches his head, and puts the bandana down, keeps the banana.

    • "Now, Herkimer, hold the bandana in your right hand . . ." Herkimer does.

    • "Fold the bandana in half . . ." Herkimer folds the banana in half.

    • "Fold the four corners of the bandana together . . ." Herkimer peels the banana and drops the peel to the floor.

    • "Now stuff the bandana into your left fist, and don’t let any of it show . . ." Herkimer then crams the banana into his left fist, causing the banana to ooze out between his fingers.

    • "Now, Herkimer, on the count of three, the bandana will disappear. One! Two! Three! Now show us your fist . . ." Herkimer opens his fist and throws mashed banana at the magician, and the magician chases him off the stage.

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