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Stupid Skits

Stuntmen/Stuntwomen Run-on

This falls in the category of “Dumb & Dumber”, which can be funny with the right people doing it. Each week or month two leaders can be “famous stuntmen/stuntwomen” who enter to Kick Start My Heart by Motley Crue or another wild song (just watch the lyrics), screaming and dancing around. They yell to the crowd, "Are we an acne pimple?!" They coach the crowd to yell back "NO!" "Are we (name a nerdy or quirky character on a current popular T.V. show – like Simon Cowell)?" (Crowd, “NO!”) "We are…(yell their names or pseudonyms)!" They scream that they are stuntmen from camp (or an upcoming retreat/convention) to perform for the kids. They attempt a stunt, one of them “injures” a body part and flails on the floor and yells, "Tape it, you gotta tape it!" While his partner jumps in front and shuns the crowd, "No, I will not tape it! I will not let you go! It’s over! The stunt is over!" The leader tells them it is over and to get off the stage. Each time they come back the one who “injured” him or herself is more bandaged up until by the last week he/she has a neck brace, leg wrap, and a backboard.

Stunts include: lifting 1500lbs. (tears his colon - gets a semicolon!); juggling knives (cuts his tongue); parachuting into a glass of water (dummy off the roof – it’s cool if you can do this w/live video feed or video to show later); karate chopping a board (smash plaster hand). The last youth group they can save the leader’s life.

Idea by Young Life

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