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Stupid Skits

Silly Skits

Have your group write down several people, places or animals on a sheet of paper. Put all of these in one container (hat, bowl). Next, have the group write down several actions or scenarios and place into a different container.

Form teams. Have students choose two or three sheets of ideas from EACH pile. The teams randomly draw and have a few seconds each to figure out how they are going to do the stunt. Then, they act it out for the group. By putting the ideas together, you have formed a story.

Ex. A "mouse" (person, place, or animal) "at a revival".

We allowed them to grab enough to only do one at a time, but each group went more than one time (they drew before each turn).

Option: For fun, record it via video or digital recorder to play before your next youth group meeting on the monitor or screen.

Added by Bethany Searle

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