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Stupid Skits

Li’l Mo

(Disclaimer: As long as you have 6th & 7th graders, Little Li’l Mo’s not old!)
This can be done in a doorway. You need two sheets, a table, shorts, shoes, big shirt and two people - one with long arms. The front person is the face and legs placing hands into shoes. The back person is the arms by reaching around the front person and through slits in back of shirt then out the sleeves. One sheet hides the legs under the table and other sheet hides the back person. You may want a third sheet to place in front of them and pull it over their heads so they can get in and out unnoticed. Li’l Mo can prepare for a date and brush teeth, comb hair, shave, (remove blade from razor) or apply makeup if it’s a girl. Li’l Mo can exercise or dance with a strobe light. Practice!

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