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Invisible Bench, The

For This skit you can have up to 9 people involved. Anymore can get boring for the audience!

    Person 1: walks on and sits down on the invisible bench (facing the audience).

    Person 2: walks on, stops to look at Person 1 and asks, “What are you doing?”

    Person 1: Sitting on the invisible bench.

    Person 2: Oh! Okay, Can I join you then?

    Person 2: (joins Person 1)

    Persons 3-7: (or however many you use) Come on one at a time and asks the same questions and joins them on the bench.

    Person 9: Finally-walks on, stops and asks everyone, “What are you doing?”
    Everyone: We are sitting on the invisible bench!

    Person 9: But the invisible bench is over there! (pointing)

    Everyone: Look at each other, pause, their eyes get wide, they fall over backwards.

Added by Phil Greig, UK

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