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Stupid Skits

Hallway Skit

Stage Placements: 2 guys facing one another at opposite ends of stage and 2 girls in the back talking to one another. Remain frozen during speaker’s speech.
    Sociologist: Good evening, tonight we want to demonstrate the phenomenon of casual social interaction. This took place in a school hallway and in order to realize the extraordinary events that we have documented, you must pay careful attention. Okay, lets cut the lights and roll the tape.

2 guys start walking toward one another and when they pass, they accidentally bump into each other slightly. One guy says, "Hey man, watch where you’re going!"
    Other guy: "I’m sorry."

    Sociologist: Lights please. Alright, did anyone see the intense interaction taking place? No? I told you, you really have to pay close attention. Maybe it will help if we play the tape back and slow it down a little. Okay then, rewind the tape and kill the lights.

All the characters rewind their actions, including the girls in background, in fast speed. Wait for the strobe light and repeat scene but slower speed. This time, when guys bump into each other, one of them grabs wallet out of the other guy’s pocket. Freeze at the end of scene.
    Sociologist: "Lights up. This time you people had to see it. We are simply amazed at the flurry of activity that teenager are capable of producing in such a short time span. Did everyone notice this? You still aren’t able to realize what’s all happening? People, don’t blink. I guess we’ll have to slow the tae down even more. Play it again, please."

(Characters rewind)
Scene repeats but this time guy taking wallet knees the other guy in the stomach, chops him on the back of head, and then takes his wallet when they bump. Rest of scene takes place the same (after bump)
    Sociologist: "Lights! This is amazing. I can tell by your lackluster reaction that you are still not seeing the phenomenon we’re trying to show you. Let’s slow the tape down even further and play it one more time."

Scene repeats but when 2nd guy get kneed in gut and chopped, he grabs arm of 1st guy that has wallet and swings over back so laying flat on ground. Pop back up for rest f scene to proceed.
    Sociologist: "Lights up again. Now what do you think? Wait a minute. You can’t be serious. The full range of events has still not been revealed to you? This is ridiculous. I can only slow this tape down so much. Rewind the tape, slow it again, and lights off."

The scene repeats the same as last time but as 2nd guy flips 1st guys and gets wallet back, one of the girls walks over and knees guy in gut, takes wallet, pushes guy over on ground, walks back to friend, together they look on wallet, pull out the money, and give one another high fives.
    Sociologist: "Okay, you finally saw what we did. Thanks for being an attentive audience. Good-night.

Idea by Young Life

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