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Freaky Fishing

You need 3 or 4 people for this skit. Each person is holding a stick that looks like a fishing pole (optional) or is pretending to hold a fishing pole.
All 3 or 4 actors line up side-by-side pretending to fish. The one at the end is ‘pulling fish in’ constantly while the others haven’t caught any.

Skit Description:
    Fisherman 2: How come you catch so many fish?

    Fisherman 1: Ru rafda reep re rorms rorm.

    Fisherman 3: How?

    Fisherman 2: Ra rafda reep ra rorms rarm.

    Fisherman 4: How?

    Fisherman 3: Ra rafda reep ra rorms rarm.

    Fisherman 4: Huh?

    Fisherman 3: Huh?

    Fisherman 2: Huh?

    Fisherman 1: (he turns, coughs something into his hand then says...) "You have to keep the worms warm!!!!!"

    (All of the other fishers make disgusted faces and say things like, “Eewww!” and “Gross!” They grab their poles and run off stage, leaving the end fisher there alone who shrugs and goes back to his fishing.)

Idea by Cassie Kopelson and Miley Wearne

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   susan harris         8/12/2012 12:25:58 PM

love it!!