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Foreign Exchange Student

You need someone who can speak a foreign language fluently, even better if you have a real foreign exchange student. Explain that you are excited to make (name of your youth ministry) for everybody and thought that it may be best to have a foreign exchange student come and share their thoughts on (name of youth ministry). You will ask the questions and translate for the crowd. Bring in your non-English-speaking student and ask them things like…"How do you like the music at (name of youth ministry)?" Have the student rant and rave, holding there nose, rambling about how awful it is and when they are finished, you smiling, tell the crowd they loved it. Continue, each time asking a question about your ministry, each time with the foreign exchange student obviously bad talking everything . . . and you interpreting it as being great. Finally the student realizes that you aren’t interpreting correctly and gets “mad” and walks out.

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   liza         10/3/2017 11:50:37 AM

lol this makes no sense and its not that good

   Maddy         4/14/2012 8:09:49 PM