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3D Movie

A guy and girl walk out in lab coats; one stands behind a chair. Announcer pulls up a planted volunteer. The kid sits down in the chair, puts on 3D glasses and stares ahead as if watching a movie behind the crowd. A guy and girl read a movie story line backstage over microphones while the lab coats help make it ‘live’ to the volunteer. For example, "Oh Thud, I’ve missed you so much I just want to hug you!" (Lab coat hugs him). You may kiss, slap, throw water on, the volunteer to make the most of their experience. Encourage your volunteer to ham it up.

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   cooper         11/28/2016 1:46:55 PM

this is the worst skit I have seen in all my teaching career of drama class. hatefully, cooper

   haris         11/9/2015 6:37:31 AM


   veronica         11/2/2013 12:23:00 PM

haha slap them hahahaha !!!!!!!!!!