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Stupid Skits

Two Suckers on a Stick

What you need: a stick, a candy shop owner, a customer, 2 unsuspecting volunteers

What you do: Pick two people from the audience and have them hold the stick and tell them its the candy counter. have the candy store owner stand on one side and the customer stand on the other.

Customer: Do you have any Jelly Beans?

Owner: No

Customer: Do you have any licorice?

Owner: No

Customer: Do you have any Snicker Bars?

Owner: No

Customer: Well what do you have?

Owner: I got two suckers on a stick.

NOTE: You can add as many types of candy as you want and make sure the volunteers can take a joke.

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Comments on this post

   Howard         5/11/2016 3:57:32 PM

love this one. I pull it off at Kamp every year and always find plenty of willing suckers.

   Kevin         7/12/2012 2:46:15 PM

Watching the two suckers facial expression, is priceless!