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Sock Soup

Actors Needed:
1 “chef”
2 tasters

1 pot filled with water
1 spoon
1 pair of socks

The scene starts with the "chef" stirring the pot.

Chef: (while stirring, looks into the pot and says) Almost done. (He then smiles to himself and walks off stage.)

Taster 1: (walks onto the stage, looks into the pot, and tastes the soup.) Mmmm. Delicious! (He walks off to the side of the stage.)

Taster 2: (walks onto the stage after Taster 1 has left. He also is intrigued by the pot and tastes the soup.) Wow! This is outstanding soup! (He also walks off to the side of the stage.)

Chef: (walks back onto the stage and looks into the pot. The tasters gather in front of the chef.)

Taster 1: What's in the soup?

Taster 2: Tomatoes?

Taster 1: It’s amazing!

Chef: (has a confused look on his face.) What are you guys talking about? I was just washing my socks! (Chef dips the socks out of the pot to show the crowd. The tasters make faces and pretend to gag, and then run off stage.)

The end.

Idea by Taylor

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