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Doctor Doctor!!!


The setting is in a doctor’s office.

Patient- DOCTOR! DOCTOR! I have an emergency!!

Doctor- What's wrong?! Calm down and just tell me what's wrong and I'll help you.

Patient- I have a hole in me

Doctor- Show me where.

Patient- Right here, (lifts shirt up to show belly button and points.)

Doctor- Um.... that's 100% normal. Just go home and rest.

~a little while later~

Patient- DOCTOR! DOCTOR!!! I have an emergency!!

Doctor- What is it this time?!

Patient- I only have four toes!!

Doctor- Ok just let me look at it.

Patient- (Lifts foot)

Doctor- Ok show me which one is missing.

Patient- Well let me see.... ok, one two three four fi- oh ok they're all here, what a relief!

Doctor- Yes yes, now please don't come back unless there's a REAL emergency.

Patient- (walks out)

~a little while later~


Doctor- Oh great what is it this time?????

Patient- This time it's a real emergency!!!

Doctor- Ok, tell me what's wrong.

Patient- I think I broke something.

Doctor- You mean a bone? Did you break a bone?

Patient- Could be, I'm not sure. But there's definitely a crack.

Doctor- Okay, where does it hurt?

Patient- It doesn't hurt so much, but I definitely see a crack.

Doctor- Let me see it.

Patient- Okay.. here's the crack. (starts to undo Belt, and turn around)

Doctor- Security!

Idea by Maddie

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Comments on this post

   bob          5/14/2015 8:35:39 PM

I've heard of all these doctor doctor jokes, LAME

   Hunter         11/18/2014 3:27:32 PM

this was a great skit i did it in front of my class with my best friend and all the kids loved it.

   Doris         7/26/2014 6:10:46 PM

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   Doris         7/26/2014 6:09:44 PM

That is a great skit!!

   Mary-ann         1/30/2014 8:17:03 AM

Thank you I just love it!

   Todd Pearage         11/19/2013 9:43:38 AM

Angelina, My name is Todd and I'm one of THE SOURCE team members that answers the numerous emails and comments we receive asking questions about youth culture and ministry. Most of the skits on our site are called "Stupid Skits" and are intended to be silly and lighthearted. "Doctor, Doctor" is a classic example of that. There really is no point other than to get a laugh from the audience. I hope that's a small help. Keep up the good work! Todd Pearage

   angelina campos         11/8/2013 6:22:10 AM

What is the point/meaning of this skit? Great skit tho!

   sophia         1/25/2013 3:32:54 PM

omg so funny

   jackie         3/8/2012 4:07:41 AM

Cool Beans!!!!!:)

   KS         1/12/2012 2:56:02 PM

this is the funniest and most ridiculous thing ive ever read in my life!

   raven         10/19/2011 4:13:12 AM


   ashlee wilson         10/16/2011 1:33:02 PM

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   julio         7/31/2011 1:49:19 PM

great skitt,,,page

   Dani         7/28/2011 4:11:29 PM

sooooo funny dude!