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Puppy Dog Surprise

For this sketch, you will need 4 people; 1 to be the teacher, and 3 to be the different students. You will also need the following props: a box of chocolates, a ring of some kind, and a box with a brownie in it.

The setting is in a 3rd grade classroom.

Jessica: (walks up to the teacher and says) Ms. Johnson, I brought you cookies from my father's bakery.

Ms. Johnson: Thank you Jessica. They look great. (she picks one up to eat it) And they taste great too!

Annie: (walks up to the teacher and says) Ms. Johnson?

Ms. Johnson: Can I help you Annie?

Annie: I brought you a ring from my father's jewelry shop.

Ms. Johnson: Oh my! It’s beautiful. Thank you so much! (putting it on her finger) It’s the perfect size!

Billy: (walks up to the teacher) I brought you something, too, Ms Johnson. (He gives the teacher a box with a brownie in it.)

Ms. Johnson: (a little perplexed) Billy, it’s an empty box. Oh no! Wait! I’m sorry it has a small brownie in it. (She picks it up to eat it and at the same time asks) Does your father own a candy shop?

Billy: No. He owns a pet shop. I had a puppy in there for you, but I guess he got out on the way to school. (He then points to the half eaten chocolate the teacher is holding) Ms. Johnson, that isn't a brownie. That's a little present from the puppy!

Idea by Carly

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