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Love Mechanic

The Love Mechanic is dressed up as a mechanic with a tool belt, etc. He comes in and announces that he is The Love Mechanic and then says, "I’m The Love Mechanic, and I’m just here to help." What happens is that students “send” (not really, he makes them up) letters with love problems and he then gives advise. For example, "Dear Love Mechanic, I have a really big problem. My boyfriend, Jim Bob, went huntin’ last weekend and when he came back with his deer, he wouldn’t let me gut it. What kind of a boyfriend doesn’t let his girl gut his deer? What should I do? Betty Lou Magoo." To which The Love Mechanic gives his reply, "Dear Betty Lou, well, that’s a toughy, but I think I can help. You need to take a good look at Jim Bob and see him for what he really is, A TURD, and you know what you do with a turd. You FLUSH HIM! I’m The Love Mechanic. I’m just here to help." He then leaves to his mechanic music. Each “letter” the boyfriend gets called a turd and the girlfriend is told to flush him.

Idea by Colin Lyons and MacKenzie England

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   ananya         1/21/2015 7:24:13 AM

excellent one.

   kimberstar         11/15/2011 3:39:47 PM

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