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Clumsy Grocery Guy

This skit requires three people and a few props, a long table set up to look like a grocery store checkout counter. Also, a vest or apron for the checkout guy. The grocery clerk stands behind the table/checkout counter with his arms behind his back. Another person is behind him with their arms around checkout guy. (Checkout guy doesn't use his arms during the entire skit. The person behind him is his arms - great if you can rig a shirt that the checker wears, yet the person behind sticks their arms through).

The skit begins when a lady comes up to the checkout counter with several items she wants to purchase. (Choose a wide variety of items...bread, potato chips, toilet paper, broccoli, eggs, etc.) The check out guy is rude and clumsy. He smashes the bread while he is bagging, opens the bag of chips and begins to eat them, breaks some eggs, get the point. The lady is very upset, asking for the manager, etc. The skit is completely ad-lib. Make it up as you go along. What makes it so funny is the check out guy has no idea what the guy behind him will do next with his hands...Be sure to spread a drop cloth...the more messy it gets, the better the kids liked it... We ended the skit by having a manager type person come out and break up an ensuing brawl between the checkout guy and the customer.

Added by Donna Eaves

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   Julie         3/11/2015 8:15:55 AM

I think I laughed way too hard at this

   mona         7/22/2011 2:14:24 PM

wanted to view your skit. Did this same skit with family only the "check out guy's" arms were his legs; shoes on his hands... gets hilarious when he gets frustrated with the hands not finding things and so uses his feet to push it towards the hands or even picks up the item with his "feet"


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