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Stupid Skits

That's right, these are stupid skits. The kind of things that you might do for just plain ol' entertainment ... like during that dead time in your program at camp.
The Seven Sins of Skit Leading

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"He Said He's Met You Before!"
3D Movie
A Big Jerk
Abdul the Magnificent
Angry Neighbor
Baking A Cake (Around the World)
Banana Bandana
Banana Pudding
Bat Man
Bat Skit
Belly Button Whistlers
Big Rig (A sick and Twisted Skit)
Bigger and Better Machine
Blind Date
Bored Cowboys
Bubble Gum Boys
Bucket Trick Skit, The
Candy Store Skit
Chair Wrestling Skit
Clumsy Grocery Guy
Coke Commercial (gross)
Colonel Von Washbucket
Contagious Ward Skit
Cupid Skit
Dirty Socks/Laundry Detergent
Doctor Doctor!!!
Doctor Office Skit
Does Your Dog Bite?
Dog Poop
Duct Tape Man and Side Kick Announcements Skit
Dueling Nostrils
Enlarging Machine, The
Foreign Exchange Student
Freaky Fishing
Fresh or Used?
Future Banana Skit
Good Morning
Granny’s Candy Store
Grape Store, The
Hallway Skit
Howdy Buckeroo
Hu's on First
If I Were Not A Youth Worker
Impressions Of An Administrator
Invisible Bench, The
Is It Time Yet?
Jail Break
JC Penny
Junior Class Play
Just Because
King Ooga Booga
Larry Sprunger Show, The
Li’l Mo
Little Red Riding Hood
Love Mechanic
Magic Bandana Skit
Me, Tarzan!
Monk Monotony Skit
Motorcycle Gang
Mr. Glove
Mr. No Depth Perception
Napoleon Get's Saved
Nose Lights
Not Another Teen Christian Drama
Olympic Nose Blowing
One Minute
Our First Kiss
Paint a Picture
Pass It Down
Peanut Butter Deodorant
Peanut Butter Truck Driver
Pencil Salesman, The
Peppermint Milkshake
Pick Pocket
Pizza Guy
Prayer - The Wrong Kind!
Psychiatrist, The
Puppy Dog Surprise
Radio Jumble
Rewind Please
Rindercella And The Prandsome Hince
Scene, The
School Pictures and New Shoes
Sex Skit
Siamese Twins Tasks
Silly Skits
Sneak Thief Skit
Sock Soup
Spittoon Boy (gross & funny)
Stand In, The
Starting the Lawnmower
Strike a Pose
Stuntmen/Stuntwomen Run-on
Sumo Wrestlers Skit
Talk Show Travesty
The Candy Stand
The Magic Water Trick
The Makeup Counter
The Misadventures of Shut Up and Trouble
The Pet Diaries
The Ugliest Person in the World
The Viper
Things You Can't Do With...
Two Suckers on a Stick
Unique Ways To Do Announcements
Was it You?
Water Passer
Water Shortage
We Don’t Have a Skit!
Where Did You Come From?
You Gotta Try This!
You Were Lucky - The Liars