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Relax and enjoy The Source for Youth Ministry Podcast with Jonathan McKee and friends, providing help, encouragement and entertainment to youth workers around the world. Everything you hear is in plain language and it's applicable with ideas you can use today! And like our web site, it's free. So enjoy!

The Source for Youth Ministry Podcast

Each show The Source for Youth Ministry Podcast will feature:
  • SPECIAL GUESTS: The Source is bringing in guests each week to join Jonathan in the show. Some will be youth workers from the front lines, others will be authors, speakers and bands that you know and love.

  • YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW: In this section we will address popular videos, songs, quotes, statistics or youth culture phenomenon.

  • THE SEVEN SINS: This is the part of the show where we look at how NOT to do something.

  • RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT: Here we take a peek at just one of the thousands of free resources on that helps youth workers reach kids.

  • HELP ME! This is the part of the podcast where we address some of the questions that people send to us at ASK THE SOURCE on

    Current Episode:
Episode #39 (5/29/2010)
The Podcast from Hell

Podcast Episode #38

Jump in the car for Jonathan's road trip with author/pastor Dan Kimball as they discuss the biblical concept known as Hell. That's right...they're gonna do something hardly done in Christian circles anymore: talk about Hell. Get ready!

Episode Highlights:
  • Find out which "recent" movie Dan just watched with his family
  • Gain exposure to some of the toughest questions/objections to the biblical notion of Hell
  • Learn why the church’s message on Hell has gotten "mushy" over the years…and how to prevent it
  • Hear who Jonathan thinks he bumped into at an airport

Previous Episodes:
    Episode #38 (5/1/2010)
    Jonathan Speaks on Prayer
    Podcast Episode #37

    In this episode, you get a front row seat to one of Jonathan's recent talks given to 3,000 teenagers in Maryland. In this message about prayer, Jonathan breaks down The Lord's Prayer and gives specific teachings on how we are to pray…and not pray. Whether you're a teen or a youth worker, you'll be blessed by this talk!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Explore some of the wrong ways to pray.
    • Find out if you're actually "babbling" when you pray The Lord's Prayer.
    • Learn how to "get alone" and "get real" with God during your prayer time.
    • Find out how you can bring Jonathan or one of our The Source Speakers in for your summer event(s).

    Episode #37 (4/10/2010)
    Nicholas Sparks Interview
    Podcast Episode #37

    In this episode, Jonathan interviews famed novelist Nicholas Sparks, author of popular works such as The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Nights in Rodanthe. But it's his newest book-turned-movie, The Last Song, that dominates this conversation. Listen in as Nicholas shares how his life and faith impact his stories of people, love, and loss.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Find out how close Jonathan grew up to Nicholas
    • Learn what drives Nicholas as a writer
    • Hear the author's response to criticisms from Christians about some of his book's elements/themes
    • Discover why Nicholas thinks this book/movie (The Last Song) will attract a younger crowd

    Episode #36 (3/20/2010)
    The South Africa Podcast
    Podcast Episode #36

    Stow away with David R. Smith as he journeys to South Africa on a short term mission trip. In this episode, he interviews two youth workers, and you'll learn about some significant history of South Africa, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and what youth culture looks like in the third world country.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Become aware of some of the "dangers" of traveling in South Africa
    • Learn how American pop culture is impacting South African youth culture
    • Hear about South Africa's history and how it differs so greatly from that of America's history
    • Hear about youth ministry that's happening internationally

    Episode #35 (2/27/2010)
    Training Tools Podcast
    Podcast Episode #35

    In this episode, Jonathan, Todd, and David talk about training adult volunteers in youth ministry. They discuss the importance of training and how you can actually do it yourself. Beyond that, they offer several free resources you can use in your efforts to make your volunteers better. Don't miss this jam-packed podcast!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Learn five ways to train your adult leaders for free
    • Find out what Todd is getting Jonathan for Christmas this year
    • Learn ways to sharpen the skills of your adult leaders
    • Discover how you can access full, professional PowerPoint training seminars for free!

    Episode #34 (1/30/2010)
    Greg Stier Podcast
    Podcast Episode #34

    Jonathan and David are joined by Dare 2 Share's Greg Stier in this podcast focused on evangelism. Listen in as Greg outlines the three principles of a radical outreach strategy based on The Cause. Brace yourself; you'll never do outreach the same after listening to this podcast!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Learn the history of The Great Commission
    • Find out what Greg's middle name is (and what his initials spell)
    • Discover what Greg calls "The Cause"
    • Learn how to move from a "quarterback" model of evangelism to "coach" model
    • Hear why Greg says the Gospel is like a grenade

    Episode #33 (1/9/2010)
    "Ministry Transitions" Podcast
    Podcast Episode #33

    If you're looking to enter youth ministry, or are already in youth ministry and feel it's time for a change, this podcast is for you. Join Jonathan, David, and Todd as they discuss The Seven Sins of Making a Transition in Youth Ministry.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Todd opens up about his recent experience being "let go" from his youth ministry job
    • Learn what Duck, Duck, Goose is called in South Africa
    • Hear the guys talk about some difficult transitions they've faced in ministry
    • Listen in as Jonathan tells his joke about church splits
    • Gain some wisdom for what to do in hard times in ministry

    Episode #32 (12/19/2009)
    2009 Movie Review Podcast
    Podcast Episode #32

    Grab some popcorn and a soft drink, kick back, and check out Jonathan and Todd's 2009 Movie Review Podcast. In this episode, the two of them talk about the best and the worst of 2009's cinematic offerings. It's not all opinions; they'll also share reviews of blockbusters and ideas for movie nights. Enjoy!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Check out Jonathan and Todd's Top 5 lists from 2009
    • Hear Jonathan's impersonation of New Moon's Bella (several times)
    • Discover some usable movies for youth group and family venues
    • Catch their full review of New Moon
    • Hear their list of most disappointing films

    Episode #31 (11/28/2009)
    Connecting With Kids
    Podcast Episode #31

    In this episode we fly to Canada where the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches interviews Jonathan about one of the most important aspects of ministry: connecting with kids in one-on-one relationships. Enjoy hearing these three Canadian youth workers pick Jonathan's brain about his brand new book CONNECT, and how adults can connect with today's 'disconnected' teenagers.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Understand how "big picture" thinking can help lay the groundwork for effective relational ministry
    • Hear the plural word for "moose"
    • Meet the six types of kids that we will encounter in our ministry areas
    • Hear about talking with kids on the "front lines" without sounding creepy
    • Learn the first two questions a kid will ask you when you meet them on their turf
    • Take a peek at what "making relational ministry a priority" can look like in your ministry weekly

    Episode #30 (11/7/2009)
    A Conversation in Youth Culture
    Podcast Episode #30

    Walt Mueller sits in on this episode and talks with Jonathan about what's big in youth culture. They talk about how culture has changed, and also about its effect on kids. Grab a notepad because Walt shares some practical ideas for handling today's youth culture, as well.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Hear what Walt thinks are the major shifts in youth culture today
    • Learn which artists Jonathan listened to in the 80's
    • Understand the difference between thinking FOR our kids versus thinking WITH them
    • Learn how Jonathan uses the pause button at home with his kids
    • Discover some of the subtle lies embedded within youth culture's message
    • Get Jonathan and Walt's take on MTV's recent Video Music Awards show

    Episode #29 (10/4/2009)
    Learning from Those Who Did It "Old School"
    Podcast Episode #29

    In this podcast, The Source invites you to hear from a couple youth pastors of yesteryear: Jim Burns (who had teenage Doug Fields in his youth group) and Tom McKee (who had teenage Chap Clark in his youth group). Jonathan, Jim and Tom discuss how youth ministry has changed over the past several decades and what tools and practices we definitely shouldn't discard! Don't miss this fascinating and enlightening podcast!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Discover how youth ministry was done by our predecessors, building disciples that are still making a difference today
    • Get the real story of what teenaged Chap Clark used for communion at a late night Bible Study
    • Learn the difference between throwing a bucket of water over a bunch of bottles and hoping water gets in each bottle vs. pouring into each bottle one at a time
    • Hear a little about the Jesus movement in the 70's and how it changed and affected youth ministry
    • Find out what Doug Fields told Jim Burns would "cause him to leave his faith altogether"

    Episode #28 (8/29/2009)
    Desired Outcomes
    Podcast Episode #28

    Purpose? Mission? Objectives? Do these words mean anything to you? How about "desired outcomes" ... do your leader strive for any of these? Join Jonathan as he sits in the great outdoors of Timber-lee with camp guru Chris Radloff. In this episode, Chris outlines the four major "desired outcomes" his staff strives to accomplish in the hearts and minds of young people. Don't miss this one; it may cause you to re-think your ministry purposes.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Learn what a desired outcome is and how it can transform your ministry.
    • Guess what kind of birds are chirping in the background.
    • Find out how to prioritize goals within the ministry's vision
    • Hear which animal literally lands on the microphone

    Episode #27 (8/3/2009)
    Podcast Episode #27
    In this podcast, The Source invites you to get a perspective on life from the vantage point of a "church kid." Everything from music, to sexting, to discipleship, to internet pornography is covered in this podcast. Listen in as Jonathan and Andy are joined by five Christian teenagers who talk about life in raw terms.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Hear teens talk about what it means to "follow Christ" these days
    • Find out why Alec can't use iTunes
    • Catch a glimpse of the biggest struggles teens face
    • Listen to what these kids wish their parents would teach them
    • Discover the topics teens need discussed in youth ministry settings

    Episode #26 (6/20/2009)
    Wow! The inbox at The Source for Youth Ministry was so full that we decided to do a special podcast dedicated to answering all of the recent ASK THE SOURCE email questions. Join Jonathan and David as they discuss everything from summer camps to skate parks to a brand new - and of course, totally free - training resource for youth workers. This podcast pretty much has all you need...cause it's based on your questions!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Learn why David has "name envy"
    • Glean some tips on maximizing your summer camp experience
    • Hear some tried-and-true ways to properly evaluate your ministry
    • Learn how crucial godly adult leaders are in youth ministry
    • Find out some cool ways to give a 5 minute talk to teens

    Episode #25 (4/11/2009)
    The Sublety of Sins
    Podcast Episode #25

    In this episode, we take a break from the normal podcast program to bring you a message Jonathan recently gave to a room full of high school students on the subtlety of sin. It's funny and serious, & simple and challenging, all at the same time. That's right! You get to hear Jonathan give a message without having to load up the church vans and drive hordes of teenagers to a convention center! Pretty cool, huh?

    Episode Highlights:
    • Find out whether Jonathan is a "cat person" or a "dog person"
    • Listen to Jonathan explain David's sin in 2 Samuel 11
    • Hear about the temptations that are the most relevant to teenagers today
    • Glean some insights you can share with your teens about avoiding sin in the first place

    Episode #24 (3/14/2009)
    Skate Church
    Podcast Episode #24

    In this episode, Jonathan and Todd reunite for some talk about outreach ministry in the form of a skate park at the church. Todd shares some insights from his weekly outreach ministry in the 7 Sins section, and they round out the podcast with a Youth Culture Window and Help Me section. This podcast is jam packed with tons of great info. Don't miss it!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Get a breakdown on which social network your teens are really using, Facebook or MySpace
    • Listen to Todd and Jonathan talk about the shirts they're wearing
    • Learn what to do when a skateboard gets stuck into the drywall at your church
    • Catch some fantastic ideas on how to attract teen girls to your ministry and manage the teen guys in your ministry

    Episode #23 (2/21/2009)
    Podcast Episode #23

    In this episode, Jonathan and Brandon chat with youth culture guru Walt Mueller as he shares "The 7 Sins of Engaging Youth Culture." Walt is the president of The Center for Parent Youth Understanding ( and is one of the most trusted voices in youth culture today. This podcast not only provides the pulse of today's teenagers, it also points out the many ways youth workers can interact with kids by understanding youth culture.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Learn how to develop a biblical theology of faith and culture
    • Learn why Brandon no longer wears his nose ring
    • Hear why Walt calls youth culture "the soup kids are swimming in today"
    • Take an in-depth look at problems with self-esteem and depression, and their dangerous side effects

    Episode #22 (1/31/2009)
    Podcast Episode #23
    "The Seven Sins of Leading Worship"

    In this episode, Jonathan is on location with the popular worship band Dutton. This interview covers everything from funny experiences the band has had on the road, to great teaching on worship leading. This podcast includes the 7 Sins of Leading Worship. Anyone who is responsible for worship should pay attention to these guys. They do it right!

    Episode Highlights:
    • Find out which one of Jonathan's kids is in this podcast with him.
    • Learn how one of the band members earned the nickname "Pee Pee Boy."
    • Discover how to not "play beyond yourself" while leading worship.
    • Hear the band members sing Little Mermaid "a cappella."
    • Listen as the band shares how worship leaders can take various elements of worship and focus them together into one flowing service.

    Episode #21 (1/11/2009)
    Podcast Episode #21
    Director Scott Derrickson
    and Keanu Reeves

    A Christian film-maker in Hollywood? Really?

    Yes. His name is Scott Derrickson, he's a graduate of Biola University... and his films have been hits (the recently released The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Exorcism of Emily Rose). Join us for this special short little podcast where Jonathan interviews Scott for the second time (you can read his first interview with Scott here) about film and using film to provoke spiritual discussions.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Learn what it was like to work with young Jaden Smith, as well as seeing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on the film set regularly.
    • Hear Scott's heart behind his films and the conversations these films provoke.
    • Listen to Scott dialogue with Jonathan about the development of Scott's future project "Paradise Lost."
    • Find out what Scott's wife thinks about his horror films.
    • Find out how Scott's newest movie just made film history (it has to do with the space program).
    • Discover how The Day the Earth Stood Still fell in Scott's lap.

    Episode #20 (12/20/2008)
    Podcast Episode #20

    Wanna know what happens when two youth workers pretend to be movie critics? Then grab a bowl of popcorn and join Jonathan and Todd for The Source's annual Movie Review Podcast. This is the only sequel that's as good as the original! You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be glad you listened.

    Episode Highlights:
    • The Dark Knight gets a full review by Jonathan and Todd
    • Both guys share their most enjoyable movies of 2008 and lament the most disappointing films of 2008
    • Jonathan and Todd offer youth workers some great examples of MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS that stimulate conversation in ministry
    • Hear their Top 5 All Time Greatest Movie lists

    Episode #19 A Conversation with Greg Stier: Why the Gospel Shouldn't be Eliminated by Social Justice (11/30/2008)
    Podcast Episode #19
    In this episode, Jonathan and Andy sit with Greg Stier, the president of Dare 2 Share Ministries, and ask him to elaborate on the 7 Sins of replacing the gospel with social justice. This fast-paced podcast also includes the ever popular HELP ME section where the guys answer some questions that have been sent into ASK THE SOURCE.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Discover the real reason Greg doesn't like to work out.
    • Learn some of the fundamental differences between social justice and biblical evangelism.
    • Hear Andy elaborate on the three standards for hiring a great youth pastor...well, two at least.
    • Get some help on planning out your youth ministry talks for a year.
    • See why Jonathan thinks youth workers looking for "order and discipline" can take a lesson from The Terminator.

    Episode #18 - Why We Need Change in Youth Ministry-a Conversation with Marko about Youth Ministry 3.0 (11/9/2008)
    On this podcast, The Source welcomes Youth Specialties President, Mark Oestreicher, for a conversation about why we need change in youth ministry. Marko, as he is affectionately known in the world of youth ministry, spends some time with Jonathan and Brandon discussing his new book Youth Ministry 3.0. This episode also includes Marko's "7 Sins of Reinventing Your Youth Ministry." Finally, the guys spend some time answering questions that have been received at ASK THE SOURCE.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Find out which one of these three guys does NOT have a tattoo.
    • Listen to Brandon verbalize how to get from "sizzle to fizzle."
    • Discover what affinity, autonomy, and identity have to do with youth ministry today.
    • Hear some theories why so many of us feel like sometimes we "just aren't making a difference."
    • Find out why "a sense of belonging" is important and how you can foster it in your group.
    • Learn some of the pros and cons of having a middle school ministry that's separate from a high school ministry.

    SPECIAL ROAD TRIP PODCAST #2 (10/19/2008)
    Join us for our second annual "Road Trip Podcast" with Jonathan and Brandon traveling all the way to Sacramento (a long drive, mind you) for the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention. This podcast once again features quite a few cameos from different authors and speakers you'll recognize, as Jonathan and Brandon survey them. They also give you snippets of various aspects of the conference, a tour of the book store, and a few minutes of Jonathan's new CONNECT seminar.



    Episode #17 (9/6/2008)
    While Jonathan is speaking at a summer camp, David R. Smith fills in on this episode and shares the 7 Sins youth pastors usually commit AFTER CAMP. David is joined by Matt and Kevin, a couple of youth pastors in the Tampa Bay area. They also share an interesting piece of youth culture that deals with the possibility of changing the legal drinking age.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Find out why David refers to Kevin as "the former pagan."
    • Hear the pros and cons of lowering the legal drinking age to 18 in the U.S.
    • Listen to Matt bust a rhyme (unintentionally).
    • Discover why it is that students typically "crash" after summer camp
    • Learn how to increase the impact of summer camp, even after you've returned home.


    This is one of our favorite podcast series yet! In this much-anticipated second part of the two-part outreach podcast, Jonathan and David are joined once again by Rob Maxey of Youth for Christ, where he shares his Seven Sins of Visiting Kids On Campus. Get ready to take notes as the "Outreach Guru" shares his strategies.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Hear the inside scoop about high school dances in the Youth Culture Window section.
    • Rob tells about the time he met the female version of Satan!
    • David and Rob give practical ways for youth workers to prepare themselves for on-campus ministry.
    • Rob offers great tips for monitoring the culture of our schools.
    • All three guys take a turn saying the same word, for no reason at all.
    • Rob gives youth workers advice on how to talk with kids while on the school campus.
    • Hear why Rob doesn't think David is a "football stud" and why Jonathan's kids think he's a "fat wannabe."



    This is one of our favorite episodes yet! In this episode, Jonathan and David are joined by Rob Maxey of Youth for Christ, to talk about effective outreach ministry and the power of visiting kids "on-campus." It was exciting, because all three of these guys have launched outreach ministries: one on-campus, one in a Krispy Kreme, and one in a barn! There was so much to talk about, the guys had to break it up into two separate podcasts (this being the first of the two).

    Episode Highlights:
    • You get to hear Rob's "golden voice."
    • Delve into the Center for Disease Control's 2007 report about teen drug and alcohol use, as well as the latest statistics on teen sex in our Youth Culture Window.
    • Hear why David and Rob like "outreach kids" so much.
    • Find out how Rob does life-changing outreach ministry... in a barn! (Warning: He talks about programming!)
    • David talks about taking over a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop and using it as an outreach center for hundreds of high school students.
    • Hear the guys' strategies for winning over the trust of school faculty and officials to further enhance their on-campus outreach.


    Episode #16 (5/31/2008)

    In this episode, youth worker Andy Matzke joins Jonathan once again... this time with two of his student leaders. The four of them talk about: student leadership, youth culture today and the temptations that kids face, integrity, and finally the effect that mission trips and service projects can have on our kids.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Jonathan and Andy are called fools by student leader Noelle!
    • In our Youth Culture Window section we ask the student leaders to share their two cents about "situational ethics" and the 98% of students that admit to cheating.
    • Noelle keeps it real, sharing her thoughts on why lying and cheating might be a greater temptation than "stealing."
    • Andy declares that Jonathan must treat him golfing before the next podcast!
    • Student leader Shea shares her thoughts on why our "good" church kids suffer the same moral failures as "unchurched kids."
    • Andy shares the SEVEN SINS OF MISSION TRIPS.
    • The girls share how some of Andy's strict training requirements and standards strengthened the kids as a community.
    • Andy provides some incredible "takeaway" from this podcast with amazing ideas for service projects and mission trips.


    Episode #15 (5/10/2008)

    In this episode, Jonathan and Furby have a fascinating conversation with Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis and co-producer of the upcoming new Chronicles of Narnia film, Prince Caspian. Hear unique insight about C.S. Lewis, the man Douglas calls "Jack," that you've never heard before. Discover what it was like to be in the room with the great author. Douglas shares this and more in this fun and enlightening interview.

    Jonathan refers to Douglas's book Jack's Life: The Life Story of C.S. Lewis throughout the podcast, an incredible glimpse into the life of C.S. Lewis from the viewpoint of someone who actually lived with the man!


    Episode #14 (4/13/2008)

    In this episode Jonathan & Furby get together for a fun but informational time discussing understanding our youth culture and the media, dealing with problem kids, talking with kids about sex and relationships... and then they answer some questions from you in the field.

    Episode Highlights:
    • In the Youth Culture Window section, they discuss the number one new show of audiences age 18-49... A MOMENT OF TRUTH
    • Jonathan gives you the opportunity to jump... or dump!
    • Furby talks about an "unofficial" Bible Study that has emerged in his ministry that the students requested and has both junior high and high school students in attendance.
    • In the HELP ME section Jonathan and Furb answer some questions asked by all of you.
    • Furby confesses his deep dark desire to trip irritating kids when they walk by.
    • Furby shares about his ministry's Relationships Retreat, a weekend where they talk with junior high students about their decisions when it comes to relationships and sex.
    • Jonathan asks you all for comments in his blog this week to share about resources you have used to talk with kids about sex.

    NOTE: Jump on Jonathan's Blog page and scroll to the April 14th entry to add your comments or ideas about books, resources or curriculum you have used to talk with kids about sex and relationships -as discussed in the HELP ME section of this podcast.


    Episode #13 (3/23/2008)
    In this episode Jonathan and David come together from each coast for a fun podcast filled with youth culture, small group helps, a glimpse of the hot new "A Li'l Bit" podcast, and some answers to questions from the field.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Jonathan and David give you an exclusive peek into the new hit podcast for Teenagers
    • In our YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW section of this podcast we look at bizarre new use for the Nintendo Wii
    • David shares the SEVEN SINS OF LEADING SMALL GROUPS which includes:
      • understanding the function of "shepherds" and "sheep dogs"
      • how to handle the big personalities in the group
      • maximizing the effectiveness of your meeting space, no matter where it is
      • youth leaders being like a fart (yep... we really said that. More on that here.)
    • Plus our HELP ME portion provides some solutions for youth pastors, including advice for those who have teens that use cell phones at all the wrong times!

    NOTE: Jump on Jonathan's Blog page and scroll to the March 25th entry to add your comments or ideas about kids' cell phone use during youth group time, retreats or camps-as discussed in the HELP ME section of this podcast.


    Episode #12 (2/23/2008)
    In this episode author/speaker Dan Kimball joins Jonathan and podcast veteran Andy Matzke for an interesting discussion about preparing today's youth for life after high school.

    Episode Highlights:
    • In our YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW section of this podcast we take a peek at an issue that teenagers are very concerned about: it is either war, environmental issues, or world hunger... which do you think it is?
    • We discuss how Christians are perceived by people outside the church.
    • The question of "what are women's roles in the church" is addressed, and begged to be answered.
    • Dan reveals his beliefs about what the Bible says about homosexuality.
    • World religions are discussed as well as how Christians often respond to people from those religions.

    Dan's book They Like Jesus But Not the Church has also been made into a DVD. Definitely a resource worth checking out!


    Episode #11 (2/3/2008)
    In this episode Jonathan and Brandon talk with Danette Matty about "Being a Woman in Youth Ministry." Danette is a long time youth worker and freelance writer who trains with GROUP, and writes for THE SOURCE.

    Episode Highlights:
    • In our YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW section of the podcast Jonathan shares what research reveals about the effects of today's "sexualized" media on young girls.
    • Brandon shares a RESOURCE HIGHLIGHT that helped his volunteers last time he left them alone for a weekend!
    • Jonathan, Brandon and Danette answer questions from all of you in our HELP ME section!

    Episode #10 (1/11/2008)
    In this episode Jonathan and the gang invite Duffy Robbins to come and talk about preparing and delivering talks to teenagers. You'll enjoy hearing Duffy share the SEVEN SINS OF SPEAKING TO TEENAGERS, a unique peek into his new book with Doug Fields, Speaking to Teenagers.

    Episode Highlights:
    • David R. Smith shares about what kids age 13-29 think of "Christians" and some of the similarities & differences between believers & unbelievers.
    • Duffy makes everyone laugh as he shares the "Seven Sins of Speaking to Teenagers." This hilarious time with Duffy is sure to help you enhance your ability to communicate God's love to your teens.
    • After Jonathan gets on Todd's case for his cell phone going off during the recording, Jonathan's phone goes off!
    • Jonathan and the gang cover several questions from youth workers in our "Help Me" section.
    • Jonathan exemplifies one of Duffy's sins by plucking from the "low hanging fruit on the humor tree"
    • Tom shares a "Resource Highlight" from our Logistical Crud page that helped his church recently.

    Special Movie Review Episode (12/21/2007)
    In this episode Jonathan and Todd sidestep the normal formalities and just dedicate the entire podcast to the movies of 2007. They'll agree on Pirates III, disagree on Transformers, and banter back and forth about plenty of others.

    Episode Highlights:
    • Todd and Jonathan do a full review of the third "Pirates" film, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    • They each share their favorite films of 2007

    • They share some of the greatest films that you can actually show at youth group this year!

    • They share their favorite Movie Clip Discussion Starters that we provide for free on our web site

    • They share their favorite Christmas films

    Episode #9 (12/3/2007)
    In this episode Willow Creek's Middle School Ministry Director, Scott Rubin, joins Jonathan, David and Todd for an informative and funny podcast about youth ministry today. Scott brings a wealth of experience to the table as a 15 year Willow Creek veteran, managing a fantastic team of paid staff, a TON of volunteers and running a ministry that puts caring adults alongside middle schoolers, helping them begin and grow a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ (imagine trying to do this with literally 1,000 kids!). Scott also teaches at the National Youth Workers Convention each year and is currently authoring the newest upcoming additions to the YS middle school book series MY FAITH with Mark Oestreicher.

    Episode Highlights:
    • In the "Youth Culture Window" section, the guys discuss hip hop artist Soulja Boy's hit song "Crank That and the craze surrounding it as well as its popular "Superman" dance.

    • Todd actually brings up the J. Geils Band! (80's reference)

    • Scott shares the SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF MIDDLE SCHOOL MINISTRY, wisdom that spills well over into the realm of high school ministry.

    • Jonathan's confesses what he would do to a junior high worker that would put his child in danger!

    • They close the episode by answering some great youth ministry questions in the "Help Me" section.


    Episode #8 (11/13/2007)
    Jonathan, Brandon and Saddleback's Jr. High Ministry Director Kurt Johnston wrestle with the effectiveness of "programming" in youth ministry today. Join them as they tackle some great questions like...

    • Does the word "programming" mean big lights, videos, smoke and a monster truck voice? Or is sitting around praying also a form of "program?" Kurt proposes a definition for the word "program" helping us take a closer look at the "stuff we do."

    • What is fun? Is a game "eating baby food out of a jar" fun and "small groups" not... or is the inverse true?

    • What part of "programming" are people resisting?

    • What is the difference between being "event driven" and simply using "program" as a tool?

    Join Jonathan, Brandon and Kurt as they try to answer these questions, discuss examples of "programs" that work and speculate why they are effective.


    SPECIAL ROAD TRIP PODCAST Enjoy cameos from quite a few authors and speakers you love as Jonathan and Brandon take a ROAD TRIP to the 2007 San Diego Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention. Share the experience of driving south with Jonathan and Brandon on the beautiful (ha!), and scenic (cough, cough) Interstate 5... complete with the wonderful smells of Kettleman City (roll up the windows!!!!). After they drilled through the L.A. smog (yes... even before the fires), they eventually emerge in the fresh ocean air of San Diego (definitely before the fires!!). Jonathan and Brandon take you with them as they peruse the hallways of the YS convention, meeting interesting people and even peeking in on some of the sessions and training, including a brief snippet of one of Jonathan's workshops.

    Episode #7 (9/8/2007)
    In this episode Timber-lee Camp's Chris Radloff joins Jonathan and Furby as they talk about recruiting, training and managing volunteers. Chris Radloff is the ministry director over at Timber-lee where he has been managing hundreds of volunteers each year. Jonathan noticed something different about the volunteers at Timber-lee. Impressed by their volunteer program, Jonathan asked Chris to share some of the basics he has learned over the years about volunteer recruiting, training and management.



    • In the "Youth Culture Window" section, Jonathan discusses media input in the lives of teenagers compared to adults.

    • Furby looks at the most popular resource currently on our website... a resource that you're not going to wanna miss in our "Resource Highlight" section.

    • They close the episode by answering some great youth ministry questions in the "Help Me" section.

    Episode #6 (9/8/2007)

    (from left to right) Andy, Les and Jonathan
    emerging from the darkened studio
    In this episode Jonathan returns to the studio with youth pastor Andy Matzke, and author, speaker and youth ministry game guru Les Christie. Andy is youth pastor at Sacramento area's Sun River Church. Les chairs the youth ministry department at
    William Jessup University and is a member of YS's THE CORE training team. In this podcast, Les will be sharing his own SEVEN SINS OF GAME LEADING. In the "Youth Culture Window" section, Jonathan takes a look at the "family programming" at the ABC Family channel. Also enjoy a resource highlight as well as the addressing of several youth ministry questions sent in to ASK THE SOURCE in the "Help Me" section of the podcast.

    Episode #5 (8/19/2007)
    - Jonathan McKee

    In this episode we break from the normal format of our podcast to bring you a sermon that Jonathan recently preached to the congregation at WARD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH in Detroit Michigan-a sermon titled "God's Grace is for Everyone... isn't it?"
    (CLICK HERE for more information on Jonathan McKee as a speaker)

    Episode #4 (7/28/2007)
    In this episode Jonathan records remotely in Dallas, Texas with author, speaker, urban youth leader and founder of Urbnet, Fred Lynch. In the "Youth Culture Window" section, Jonathan and Fred discuss all the "hype" about the rumor of hip hop music's decline. Then Fred tackles the SEVEN SINS THAT WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT REACHING KIDS OF COLOR, sharing some keen insight about how NOT TO reach out to kids of all races. Jonathan and Fred go on to highlight an article about doing BIG events in "small budget" neighborhoods. They close the episode by answering youth ministry questions in the "Help Me" section.

    Episode #3 (7/8/2007)

    From left to right: Lane Palmer,
    Jonathan McKee, Greg Stier
    In episode #3 Jonathan records remotely in Colorado with Dare 2 Share author/speaker Greg Stier and Dare 2 Share's resource director Lane Palmer. They take a look at the rapid growth of YouTube in the "Youth Culture Window" section, Greg tackles the "Seven Sins" of evangelism, and they close by answering youth ministry questions in the "Help Me" section.

    Episode #2 (6/11/2007)

    Jonathan, Furby and Brandon through
    the studio window.
    In episode #2 Jonathan starts out with details about the podcast summer giveaway. Then they take a look at the porn effect on young girls in the "Youth Culture Window" section, they tackle the "Seven Sins" of church outreach events, and they answer a handful of youth ministry questions in the "Help Me" section.

    Episode #1 (5/29/2007)

    Jonathan, Todd and Detour try their
    best "band pose." From left to right:
    Adrian, Todd, Jonathan, Morgan, Cain
    Jonathan and Todd interview Detour 180 about worship vs. concerts, "Seven Sins" of weekend retreats, "Youth Culture Window" about texting, and an outreach "Resource Highlight." In this first episode we recorded it remotely on a retreat. So forgive the mediocre recording quality and the fact that we're "newbies" at this. (But we sure had a lot of fun!)

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