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Gollum Opener
Self Esteem The Sinful Nature


This is an opener that can be used for any subject (examples: loyalty to God, self-esteem, making choices, etc.). Pre-arrange to have a "hammy" student who’s seen Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and can impersonate Gollum do a 1 or 2-minute scene from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, where Gollum is arguing with “himself” about whether or not to remain loyal to Frodo. Tell him not to try to recite the exact lines from the movie; that he is to make up stupid, funny things that may involve his loyalty to God or self-hatred vs. self-acceptance. Someone secure could argue with him or herself about their weight, their looks, whether or not they are a true friend; you get the idea. Let it get comically heated until they walk out of the room in a mock huff. Have the group clap for your "ham" when they’re through.

By Danette Matty

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