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Identity Masks We Wear

A Halloween Idea

Items needed:
    -Little black masks (like you would purchase for a masquerade - the inexpensive kind)
    -Gel pens to write on / decorate them

Give each person a mask upon arrival and ask them to wear it through out the evening. (All leaders should wear the masks as well and keep them on at all times during the evening). This idea is meant to lead into your wrap up, so plan any games or activities that would feed into it . . . .

"We all wear masks at different times in our daily lives. This evening for example, some of you were more comfortable wearing the mask because it allowed you to 'hide'. Others of you didn't feel comfortable behind a mask So you took it off."

Call leaders up at the end, still wearing their masks. Ask the leaders to all remove the masks simultaneously and introduce themselves. Let the kids know that "Here, at _______________ we're not wearing any masks!" We want to be real with you, and we want YOU to be real with us.

A simple idea, but I think it gets an important point across.

added by Jamie Satterlee, Metro Chicago Youth for Christ

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