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Dropping Our Baggage
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Main Point: To receive blessings from God, we must drop our “baggage”

Ask someone who wants cash to come on stage with you. (A guy works best.) When he gets into position, begin handing him all sorts of bags, luggage, duffels, suitcases, plastic bags, etc. The more the better! Have bags strapped over his shoulders, tie a fanny pack around his waist, place the strap of a light bag in his teeth, and put lots and lots of bags and suitcase handles in his hands. Make sure he is loaded…especially his hands!!

When you get the last bag/suitcase in place, ask him, “How does all that baggage make you feel?” Let him answer. Then ask him, “Would you like me to give you some cash?” (Pull out REAL money as you ask the question and show it to the crowd to confirm its legitimacy.) His answer will obviously be “YES!”

Explain to him, that in order to get your money ($1’s and $5’s work fine) all he has to do is catch it when you toss it to him. There is one small catch; HE CAN’T DROP ANY OF THE BAGS! (You may want to wad the money up a little bit to make it easier to “toss.”)

Take a few moments and toss bills to him. Let him scramble and try to catch them. If he does catch it, make good on your promise and let him keep it. Most of it, however, will simply fall to the floor.

Point out to the crowd that he didn’t do so well.

Ask him if he wants another chance. After he says, “YES!” tell him to drop the bags and free himself up. Then toss the bills back to him. He will probably catch more this time around. (Again, let him keep it.)

After you are broke…ask him if it was easier to catch the money when he wasn’t carrying all the weight and baggage. He will probably answer “yes.”

Then make your point while he is still standing on the stage: The same is true when it comes to receiving a blessing from God. They are much easier to accept if we drop our baggage first. The good news is, God is even willing to take our baggage from us…if we are willing to give it up.

Idea by Tom Lelyo

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   Lucas         4/27/2016 5:18:45 PM

Great illustrations

   Daniel         2/21/2014 6:22:11 AM

Great illustration!

   Michelle         7/27/2013 5:01:27 PM

Awesome! See how it works tomorrow!

   Cecelia Thomas         6/5/2012 7:17:16 PM

Good lesson!!! I will use this soon!

   Lyndsey         12/27/2011 7:37:41 PM

money lesson

   Doris H. Dancy         11/4/2011 9:17:08 AM

I really like this lesson because money is always an incentive. This captures the students' attention immediately and that is more than half of the battle.


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