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Kool-Aid in 3 Parts
Spiritual Gifts

Main Idea: In the body of Christ different people are given different gifts and in order to best apply these gifts, believers must work together.

Before Your Meeting:
Gather the following:
  1. 1package of Kool-Aid (with out sugar)

  2. 1 cup of sugar

  3. 2 quarts of water

  4. 1 pre-mixed pitcher of Kool-Aid (keep hidden)

  5. 3 large take-home plastic cups

Place the first three items on a table separately and cover them. Keep the prepared Kool-Aid out of sight with the large cups.

Introduce Lesson:
Welcome! Tonight I’d like to start off with three volunteers who really love Kool-Aid. Ask the three volunteers to step to the front of the room.
    Volunteer #1, this is for you. Uncover the 2 Quarts of water.
    Volunteer #2, this is for you. Uncover the packet of Kool-Aid.
    Volunteer #3, this is for you. Uncover the sugar.
Now, let me ask the three of you, if you were really thirsty for Kool-Aid, I mean, had a true thirst; a strong craving for that great grape or cherry taste, would what I have offered you quench that thirst?

Thanks volunteers go ahead and have a seat. (Expect jeers from students who expected something to drink and didn’t get it.)

Now I need three more Kool-Aid-loving volunteers. Thanks, come on up and stand where our last groups stood. For you three I have this pitcher of ice-cold, ready to drink Kool-Aid made. Pour three large cups of Kool-Aid for these volunteers. Would you like ice? Here are some large cups that you can keep and take back to your seats filled with this tasty treat. Thanks for participating! (Expect more jeers.)

Transition into Teaching Segment:
Some of you sounded pretty upset that you didn’t get Kool-Aid or that you got a part of the Kool-Aid mix but not all of it. Let me ask the first three volunteers, how do you feel receiving only part of the Kool-Aid mix? (Cheated; like you weren’t being fair; I thought if I had a pitcher we could work together…)

Tonight we are going to talk about the body of Christ. The Bible teaches us that in the body of believers, some people say “the family of God,” there are many different kinds of gifts which God gives to us. When we use them together and we work as a unit, like a physical body, we please God. In the same way that a completely made pitcher of Kool-Aid always tastes better than a packet of un-sweetened mix, when we work together with our gifts, honoring and respecting our need for each other, we feel better, we accomplish more and basically, we taste better to God.

Original Idea by Natalie Hildren

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