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The Source for Youth Ministry put on a contest for all youth workers, volunteer or paid, to reward them for driving a hideous heap!

Youth Specialties sponsored this contest with some great prizes, including the Ideas Library CD-ROM v.2.0!

Winners were picked March 1, 2003. Take a look at the winners followed by some of this years entries . . .

FIRST PLACE Prize: Ideas Library CD-ROM v.2.0 (Click Here)

D. Scott Amberg, Youth Minister, St. James Church, Oneonta, NY Sky blue, gray and rust (two of these colors are paint) 77 Dodge Aspen. While on retreat, someone (I still don't know who) lettered "TUESDAY O" on it. Lacking any weather stripping, it allows blizzards inside the car while driving. Radio-less, trunk bungeed shut. I sometimes catch others in traffic laughing at it.
SECOND PLACE Prize: (THREE WINNERS) Free Admission for you and one staff member to THE CORE (Click Here)

Ken Charlton, full-time youth minister, Russell Springs Christian Church, Russell Springs, KY Check out my 1979 Buick Limited named "the ICK" by youth who washed off the "BU" at car wash fundraiser. Door and floor both caught on fire separately in one week. Huge hole in the floor of the passenger side (see pic) covered by homemade metal panel. Speedometer doesn't work, no lock on the trunk, steering column comes apart, leaks oil, no antenna for radio, door handle is broke, various dents and many duct taped parts. The wheel once came off while driving it.
Carrie Doiron, volunteer youth leader, Marine Drive Pentecostal Church, Head Jeddore, Nova Scotia, CANADA Problems with my 1990 Berreta Quad Four:
Welded piece of frame back together, it rusted away
Brake & gas lines, patched
Ignition broken, start by hand not key
Driver's door handle broken
Out of alignment
Link edge to torsion bar- gone
Gas cover door is gone (don't ask)
Clutch??? What clutch?
Shifter freezes in winter
No emergency brake
Driver's seat stuck in one position
Rear tires need pumping every 4 days.
Isaiah Joel Gibson the 1st, Assistant Youth Leader, West Memorial Church, Rutherfordton, NC My piece has radiator problems, and if you try to drive it longer than 20 minutes it over heats (the temp. gauge doesn't work), the driver side headlight has been hit, so it is always pointing toward the ground. The hood won't even close properly b/c of this. Speaking of hood . . there is so much rust I'm surprised pieces don't fly off as I am driving down the road. Just look at the picture!
THIRD PLACE Prize: (5 winners) Jonathan's new book, THE TOP 12 RESOURCES YOUTH WORKERS WANT (Click Here)

Jon Howard, part time youth pastor, Grace Church of the Nazarene, Fresno, CA My truck is the very definition of a heap. As you can see from the photos I drive an '85 Ford Ranger. It's brown with tan highlights (from a spray can of course). There are tears in the sheet metal of the bed (backing into too many junior highers). It has no radio (all youth pastors need quiet). The best part is that the choke is broken and when I drive my engine chokes out and I miss on every other cylinder! Finally you can see my need to win by the Youth Specialties books I use weekly, they are almost 20 years old!
Nate Waren, full-time youth pastor, First Baptist Church in Sandpoint, ID My heap goes 0-60 in about 21.2 seconds. It has several dents. The sunroof leaks. The tape deck eats tapes ( isn't an 8-track). This 1985 classic gets around 8 galloons to the mile (just kidding). It has about a 75 h.p. (hamster power) engine. When you get out you smell like exhaust. And it has rusted curb feelers (after market, not an original option).... And it's a Ford! Do I need to say anymore?!?
Jim Norman, Full Time Youth Pastor, Hastings Church of the Nazarene, Hastings, Michigan. My '84 Chevy Cavalier has been dubbed, 'Rolling Leprosy'. No heat, no AC and it constantly overheats. Hasn't had an oil change in 3 years, been without a muffler for over a year. I have to get into the trunk with a screwdriver. My teens refuse to ride in it.
Doug Humble, Volunteer Junior Youth Group Leader, HighPoint CC, Victoria, BC, Canada Doug has the heapiest heap ever. It has no front grill, non-functioning windows, eight cylinders of which only 5 or 6 work, mix matched doors, tons of rust holes, many huge dents, the rear view mirror is on the floor and it was either a muffler or eat this month . . . needless to say he ate well. The exhaust leaks making it impossible to make long journeys and it gets approximately 1 mile per gallon.
Debbie Darrow, volunteer Sunday School teacher, Garden Park Church, Denver, CO My motorhome, affectionately called the "Ghettomobile" by the youth, has taken us on many activities around town. It has a broken door latch, graffiti, various dents, and random pieces falling off while I drive. We rumble down the road in style.
Dwayne Stearns, full time youth pastor, First Baptist Church of Sonora, CA This is "The Li'l Hooptie" and has 181k on it. I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains so it gets used as a truck. I regularly fold the back seats down and haul garbage to the dump (truly a sight to behold). It marks its territory with oil like the bad dog that it is.
Summer Sipes, Junior High Youth Director, Frisco Bible Church in Frisco, Texas "Blue Leopord" has lots of spots where paint is missing and dents up the side where it was attack by paintballs gone bad. It has no shocks. It goes only the distance from our house to the church (2 miles) before it cuts off completely and decides its finished running. We use to fix stuff on it, but now the stuff costs more than the car is worth. It's done its ministry and is ready to be retired to car heaven (at such a time we can afford another car!)
Darrell Fishbeck, full-time student pastor, First Baptist Church in Blanco, TX I drive a 1986 Chevy Suburban with over 230,000 miles on it. "The Beast" (as the youth so affectionately call it) has many youth ministry miles and battle scars. Ski trips, football games, camps, concerts, theme parks, nacho cheese and an 8 point buck to the grill, have put their toll on the beast, but she's been faithful to her calling.
Matt Jackson, Youth Minister, Northside Baptist Church in McMinnville, TN I drive a 1989 Dodge Caravan that burns and leaks oil. The radio shorted out last year and one of my Headlights is holding water. The paint has flaked and faded. There are numerous dents and dings, and the hood ornament won't stay up anymore. Most importantly, it currently has 356,607 miles on the odometer!
Warren Martin, Director of Wilderness Ministries, Lorenzo, Texas AKA, "the egg" is a 1996 Ford Aspire that is convinced that it's a 4WD all-terrain vehicle. Whether it be hauling 40 bags of cement, or the local youth, this car has done everything! It's missing its grill and the bottom front is cracked because of my rendezvous with a ditch, it burns more oil than gas, leaks exhaust, on cold days it takes 20 minutes to get the transmission in gear, taillight's out, and the stereo chooses its own volume.
Jon Dixon, youth pastor, Grace Chapel, Halifax, NS, Canada My car is a 1992 Mazda 323 hatchback. It has a gas leak- can't put more than $20 in at a time. It leaks oil, rear shocks are gone, crack along the bottom of the entire windshield, no side mirrors, well over 40 rust spots covering the car, no stereo, rear wiper works . . . all the time, but it doesn't touch the window because the wiper arm is bent, and has over 305000 kms!
Matt Forrest, Youth Pastor, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church, Rolla, Missouri The "Brown Beast." After pumping up the front tire EVERY MORNING, we get coffee . . . and waste no time mixing the cream and sugar the old fashioned way. We place the cup on the dash board and start driving. Voila!!! The extreme vibration from the ride does the job nicely. And when you put on the breaks, you get a sensation similar to re-entering the earth's atmosphere!
Robbie Crain, full time youth pastor, Living Way Apostolic Church, West Monroe, LA. Known only as "The Red Truck" it is an '86 Toyota 4-speed with no power steering, and no a/c (I live in Louisiana!). The seat is broken so that you lean to the left as you drive. It will continue running with the key out.




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