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The Source for Youth Ministry put on a contest for all youth workers, volunteer or paid, to reward them for driving a hideous heap!

Youth Specialties sponsored this contest with some great prizes, including Free Registration to Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention - a $350 value (Click Here)

All entries were due on September 8, 2006. I’ve gotta admit, the winners were hard to pick. Choosing a winner was more than just considering the year of the car or the mileage. We took into consideration the pictures, the description and the “Would I want to be stuck driving that heap?” factor.

With that in mind, here are the vehicles we would NOT want parked in our driveway... er... I mean... the winners:

1st Place Winner

Alex Ashe, Youth Leader, Quest Community Church, Tucson, AZ
I drive a rusty – I mean trusty – 1985 Toyota pick-up with makeshift speakers, cracked/missing hubcaps, no A/C, manual everything, and no reverse lights. Occasionally, it needs a swig of gas down the carburetor to start up. I think the liner is holding the entire bed together. Passengers must have current tetanus shot.

1st Place Prize:
Free Registration to Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention (city of your choice, Registration only) - $350 value (Click Here)

2nd Place Winner

Lori Pankratz, Volunteer Youth Leader, Assembly of God, Litchfield, MN
1994 Dodge GRAND Caravan Grind/pump to start, back up first to drive forward, shakes at 40 mph, rear ended, missing hubcap, air- high only, back panel missing, front speakers only, seat catches in door, sliding door falls off, held shut by feet, now taped shut, climb through front doors, back window leaks, smells of mildew. Teens LOVE! Own kids hate!

2nd Place Prizes:
Ideas Library CD - $110.49 (Click Here)

3rd Place Winner

Allen Todd, Full Time Paid Youth Minister, Timber Lake Christian Church, Moberly, MO
Affectionately known as "The Gas Chamber." '83 Chevy was a "gift". Both church bus and U-haul, it receives much abuse. Large dent in the driver's door keeps it from closing all the way. Lining hangs down and sprays disintegrating foam particles when the windows are down. No A/C. AM/FM Radio. Rearview mirror gone, and the hubcaps have been stolen twice.

3rd Place Prizes:
New to Youth Ministry Starter Kit
- $101.21 (Click Here)

4th Place Winner

Kenny Hallman, Volunteer Youth Director, Teamon Baptist Church, Griffin, GA.
This is my ride. I keep the spare parts in the back in case something falls off as I'm going. When they do fall off, I just put them in the back if they aren't that important. For some reason, my wife and kids won't ride with me.

4th Place Prizes:

Invert Starter
Kit - $33.46
(Click Here)

3 Honorable Mentions

Each of the THREE Honorable Mentions will receive the following prize: Jonathan McKee's award winning book on reaching out to "the Unchurched" ... DO THEY RUN WHEN THEY SEE YOU COMING?

Corbin Runnels, Volunteer Youth Leader, Covenant Life Church, McKinney, TX.
"The Bomber". ‘91 LeSabre. NO AC/music (24 consecutive days 100+ temps), plenty of primer/ rust. Seat cushions are shredded. Ceiling’s ripped out & foam falls in eyes. Dash board buckled, had to be removed. Windows go down, not up. Reeks of gas fumes. In summertime, comes out of gear on right turns.

Glenn Thompson, Volunteer Youth Leader, Church of the Nazarene, Columbus, KS
Going steadily downhill after meeting a deer, en-route to a youth event, with it's missing grill, busted headlight, shattered windshield, bolted on hood, broken motor mount, smoking engine, faded paint, grinding brakes, turn signal short and unworkable a/c, the handicap placard may be for my '89 Ford Taurus.

Sheila Thompson, Volunteer Youth Leader, Crawfordsville First Church of the Nazarene
Last year my mini van died and I needed a car so this is what we got. (free) The passenger door wont open/close inside, no radio just wires, odometer quit at 273,500 miles, wrecked multiple times, no muffler, and the headlights are duct-taped on. The bumper sticker on the back of my car says it all...My Treasure IS in Heaven!!!


Joe Miars, Volunteer Youth Director, Faith Missionary, Peoria, IL.
I rescued my heap from the junk. No heat, no A/C, no horn, no radio, and I would like to wash it but I'm not current on my tetanus shot. Everyone laughs at my 250,000 miles past dead truck - but I like it.

Gary Early, Youth Minister, First Baptist Church, Maud, Texas
My heap is a 1988 Suburban. As you can tell it is mainly rust color with a little white and black thrown in. It will loose all power while driving and you have to wait a few minutes until the power comes back. I don't know why.

Scott Major, Junior High Intern, Faith Community Church, Littleton, CO
I drive a 1988 Dodge Caravan (Papa Smurf), been in my family since I was 3. Has blue spinners on the wheels (kids love it), trailer hitch, loud speaker, 180,000 miles. I was rear-ended two years ago picking up kids so now the back tail lights don't match.

Jeff Balfour, Youth Pastor, Dresden Community Church, Dresden, Ontario, CANADA
I serve a generous congregation, but drive THIS HEAP. 1992 Buick Regal. Outside mirror smashed by a water balloon (flung from launcher) ; fender dented by falling portable basketball net at the church. No A/C, casette player plays at 1.5 times normal speed, heater core leaks, hole in catalytic converter. But gets me from A to B and back again!

Michael O'Connor, part time youth minister, Rosewood Baptist Church, Gilmer, TX
Kids refer to my 1966 F-100 as the BOMB. The odometer just rolled yesterday for the??? time, it has a fresh 16 miles on it right now. It gets 10 MPG and I drive it everyday. I don't wash it because I think the dirt is holding it together. It is really dependable but looks a little bad...okay really bad!

Mark Ewert, Volunteer Youth Leader, Becida Community Church, Becida, MN
Heap cost $300, titled salvage, squeals when turns, floor lets in dust and exhaust, ceiling cloth falls and blocks back window even when duct taped, bounces 5 sec. after every bump, RADIO BROKE, front windows don't close , rusty, dented, and two handles broke.

Emanuel Ban, Youth Director, Transilvania Nord Conference of SDA - Romania
This is my car. Almost every 2 week I must to service to change something to that car. But is very useful in my ministry.

Danny Dalton, Youth/Family Pastor- Cypress Ridge Presbyterian Church, Winter Haven, Florida
Seeing is believing: 1990 Nissan, 187,500 miles, protected by “Rust Bullet” (paint has been coming off for years). Think FLORIDA... no A.C., windows only roll down with extreme muscle. No working radio (unless you count am static). I’m frequently heckled by other drivers, but, alas, my students love it!

Don Chester, Jr. Youth Pastor, Victory Road Assembly of God, Norfolk, Nebraska
I drive a little two seater Geo which is a convertible even with the top up. With plenty of ventilation from top to bottom, (both floors are rusted completely through). This 3-banger burns a quart of oil every 4.2 days.

Mark Hubbard, FT Student Pastor, Center Point Church in North Richland Hills, TX
1993 Jeep Cherokee. 189,000 miles. Dents, bumper falling off, rust/ oxidation paint scheme, interior lining falling apart, broken radio, gear shift and A/C (bad combo with Texas summers). Big problem- the hidden, “reverse” leak. Hard rains fill floor boards with a couple inches of water, so I’ve got a reoccurring mold problem throughout.

Josh Como, Youth Pastor, Community Bible Chapel, Stockett, Montana
I moved from Oregon to be a youth pastor, My heap barley got me here. She got rolled over during a bible study ski trip, dents all around, roof caved in, no ac, headlight busted, turn signal busted. back bumper corner broke. Leeks water when rains. Passenger mirror vibrates and won’t stay where I put it. hatch won’t stay open.

Todd Gasaway, Youth Leader, First Christian Church, Byrdstown, TN
A 1994 GMC with massive body damage,broken winshield, no rear brakes, 225,083 miles, screaming a/c pump, unkown knocking in dash,muliated interior, dented bumpers, rust, part time working winshield wipers.

Scott Mealhow, Youth Volunteer, Jesup Bible Fellowship, Jesup, Iowa
My vehicle is a 1988 Mercury Sable that I bought at an auction for $750 and my daughters are to embarrassed to want to borrow it. There is no paint on the top, its rusted in the wheel wells, the air condition, turn signals, and cruise don't work. The brakes are questionable ....its nick name is the turd.

Amanda DeJonge, Co-Volunteer Youth Director, Celebration Community Church
97 Pontiac Sunfire; 105,000 miles; gas tank rusted, replaced last summer; 'carpet' unattached from floor; plastic covers broken off both seat belts; side pannel missing from passenger seat; fiberglass pannel sticking out of side; must run AC to stop coil from snapping off under hood; compressor's shot, car shakes violently when AC runs, ergo can't run AC!

Tim Harrison, Youth Pastor, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
'86 Toyota Camry with over 210,000 miles on it. Old, loaded with miles, rusty, cracked windshield and shakes at 40 mph, I wouldn't necessarily consider it hideous heap worthy. But in comparison to the Mercedes I drove before I was a youth pastor, I believe it qualifies. ...just another reminder that we're not in it for the money


Allen Ballantine, youth leader, North Glen Baptist, Glen Burnie, MD
Here's my 97 S-10, it doesn't look bad cleaned up but the driver's and rear window handles are broken, the A/C and single wiper don't work and the heater works occasionally. Other than a small cooling leak and burning a little oil, it runs fine.

Scott Schook, middle school intern, Rock Hill Baptist Church, Brentwood, MO
"The Massive" has 113,000 miles, broken side mirror, broken center console, crack across entire windshield, broken tail light, rust, chipping paint everywhere. The back of backseat fell off. Armrest on driver's seat fell off. Squeaks at every movement. Speedometer reads 5 mph faster than actual speed.

Terry Beyer, Youth Pastor, Peninsular Christian Church, Tampa, Florida
This big gold van has seen better days. The running board is falling off from me hitting pole at a bank. It takes a beating, to say the least. Then there was the time that it was vandalized, right before taking it to a youth function. That was embarrasing.



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