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The Cat in the Hat

As students enter, get them to each write down 1 question on a note card. The question can be about anything…from movies to quantum physics. (If you have a small group, get them to write down 2-3 questions, making sure that only one question is written on a card.) When they are done writing out their question, they should fold it in half and drop it in a big hat sitting close by.

Before the game is played later in the night, an adult leader should go through and make sure each of the questions are ‘appropriate.’

When it comes time to play the game, have everyone sit in a circle. The leader hands the hat to one person and they draw out a card. They read the question out loud and have 20 seconds to answer it. (They do not put their card back in.)

Then they pass the hat to someone else, and they draw out a card. They also have 20 seconds to answer the question.

It’s a lot of fun to see students try and react quickly.

NOTE: If you want students to get more than one question, you will have to ask students to write out multiple cards at the beginning of the night. Just make sure that only 1 question goes on a card.

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