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Sneaky TEXT Message Game

One of the BEST ways to communicate to kids today is by using the TEXT feature on your cell phone. It’s like an Instant Message…but you don’t have to be sitting in front of a computer. Most kids have cell phones these days, and the TEXT feature is the MOST USED feature on cell phones! Here’s a great way to have some fun AND gain your kids’ cell phone numbers for future use.

During any of your programs, tell kids to whip out their cell phones. (That will get their attention!) Then, post your cell phone number on the screen…or simply call it out to the crowd (slowly). Tell them to enter it into their phone and save it under your name.

Now, tell them that you want to see which service provider in your area has the fastest service. Have them pull up a “blank text message” on their phones, select your name or number, and then for the “message” of the TEXT message, have them enter their first and last name. Tell them to STOP at that point.

When everybody has reached that point, tell them that you want everybody to hit SEND at the same time. Say “go” and let them send away. Within seconds, your phone will have EVERY kid’s cell phone number! Randomly choose a person (for instance, the 4th TEXT message you received) to give a prize to. When your game is over, kindly ask them to put their cell phones away because you are moving into a more important time (Bible study, prayer, whatever you have planned). Kids typically obey this request.

When you get home later that night, use the SAVE feature on your cell phone to log their cell phone info onto your cell phone. Now you can send updates, hello’s, and encouragement to your students in an instant!

Also see Jonathan's blog for more on texting/cell phones and youth ministry.

Idea by Sam

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   Jonathan McKee         2/13/2017 6:00:08 PM

ChristianChap... I've had this discussion with multiple leaders about games like this. I realize that certain denominations have policies where they can't give out numbers. I can respect that. I personally have no problem giving my phone number to the teens in my group- I've done that for years for safety on trips. The key is to show discernment on what to do if and when kid's contact you. I always instruct leaders in my safety training: 1. Always keep parents in the loop. Let them know the kids have your number in case of an emergency. Get your permission to be in contact with their kids. 2. Don't text back after 9PM. 3. Don't use any apps where the messages disappear. In fact... 4. Don't do anything you wouldn't be able to stand before a judge and report with confidence.

   ChristianChap         2/3/2017 1:39:06 AM

One major issue with this game... SAFEGUARDING! You will need to purchase a phone especially for this game (It could then be used for text a question events in future) as you cannot give the children a leaders mobile number!!!!!!!!!! The person who suggested this needs to do safeguarding training and the church needs to raise an eyebrow at their practices.

   LaLonnie Jones         12/4/2012 8:12:55 AM

That is SNEAKY fab.:):):)Love it!

   Dan Dlugos         2/27/2012 3:17:19 PM

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