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This swimming pool game is a good one if you happen to have a large group. Here is how you play it.

Have one person designated as the "gator." He or she treads water in the DEEP END of the pool while all other participants are standing on the side. The leader will then yell "gator!" and at that point, the players standing on the side of the pool have 30 seconds to successfully jump in, swim to the other side of the pool, and get out without being tagged by the gator.

Anyone who is tagged in the first round has to join ranks with the “gator” and try to tag the swimmers in the next round(s). The game goes until there is only one person who has not been tagged. Hand out a simple prize for the winner.

NOTES: Because this is a swimming pool game, follow some simple guidelines to make sure none of your students get hurt:
1. You should ONLY PLAY IN THE DEEP END of a pool.
2. No jumping on the “gator.”
3. Have adult leaders on hand to help in case of emergencies.

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