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Santa Scrooge Snowman

This is a group version of the “Paper-Rock-Scissors” game, with the elements being replaced with Santa, Scrooge, and Snowman. Here’s how you do it.

Explain that the game is a lot like Paper – Rock – Scissors and that everyone should get a partner to compete against. Have the students stand back –to – back. Inform them that their options are Santa, Scrooge, or Snowman. If they choose to be Santa, they must grab their belly and jiggle it while saying, “Ho ho ho!” If they choose to be Scrooge, they must shake their fist in the air and shout “Ba Humbug!” Finally, if they choose to be a Snowman, they must bow, and tip/remove an imaginary hat, and say, “Merry Christmas.”

When the game leader finishes saying the rhyme, “Santa beats Scrooge; Scrooge beats Snowman; Snowman beats Santa. If you tie you die. One, two, three, TURN!” the students turn around, do their move and say their line at the same time. Whoever wins, stays in the game. Whoever loses, must sit down. The winners pick a new partner and go again.

Play until you have one winner and give them a cool prize.

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