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The Blind Leading The Blind

This has three levels and works well for smaller groups rather than really large groups. It also helps a lot if the game can be played in an area like an office space with hallways, walls, multiple rooms, doorways, etc.

Level 1 is the easiest. Draw a map to a simple and short destination and ONLY show it to the student who will be leading the other students. Then blindfold him/her and have him/her lead the small group of blindfolded students to that destination. Once they arrive at the destination, have them all remove their blindfolds.

Level 2 is next. Add a few obstacles (step over a back pack in the doorway - chair in the hallway, etc.) and make sure you give them a new map going to a different destination before they are all blindfolded (with only the leader seeing it prior to starting). Again, have one blindfolded student lead them. (Optional: You may want to repeat Level 2 with another blindfolded student leader.)

Level 3 is last. Repeat this level with the same rules, providing a new map and destination once again. Add even more obstacles to the map, but this time, allow the “extra” kids to mess with them on their trip. (Do not allow anyone to get ruthless, just really distracting and misleading.)

At the end of the “levels” you may want to talk about how difficult it was for the leader to lead while he/she was blindfolded. You also may want to talk about whether or not the students who were following “really” trusted their blindfolded leader.

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