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Jeopardy was getting dull and Twister, while physically challenging, wasn't exactly challenging mentally, so I decided to put a little twist in Jeopardy and came up with, TWISTEOPARDY!

For this game you will need:
- Twister Board (w/ point values written on each circle)(100-600)
- 4 bibles
- Point Cards
- Prizes

Split into no more than 4 teams. Each Team chooses one person to represent their team. A leader is the spinner/caller/host. Each color has a different category. Players take their positions and the spinner spins for one player at a time. The player chooses the point value of the category/color, which the spinner spun, that they would like to try for. Caller asks a question (sample questions below); the player can answer immediately or their team has 20-30 seconds to find the answer in the Bible (be sure to give an “address” to the answer), then the team must relay the answer to their representative and the representative answers. If they get it right, the player takes their place on the board and a point card is given to the team. If they get it wrong another team has the opportunity to answer the question. The game continues like so until one of the players is left standing or you run out of point cards/questions.

A category we used was “Quirky Characters,” like the following:

1) Which of the following is most known for being hairy?
Esau (Gen 25:25, 27:11)

2) Which of the following is most known for being a doubter?
Thomas (John 20:25)

3) Which of the following is most known as a reckless driver?
Jehu (2 Kings 9:20)

The Point: Knowing/enjoying God's Word

Added by Rachel

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