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A Walk in The Dark

This is a great game for use in a home or similar setting. You just need a group of three students to play. This game works best in the dark or at night.

Put the three students in a line with the first one leading the way, the third one in the back, and the one in the middle, blindfolded as "it." With "It" wearing a blindfold, the other two players (one in front and one behind) walk through the whole house.

During the first trip through the course, the other two students lead “it” through the whole house. When they get back where they started, “it” must do it all alone and try to remember their footsteps. If they do the whole thing correctly they win! If they don't, they must come back to the start and give another player a turn.

Don’t forget to switch up the routes between trips. This makes it a little harder.
Also, you can do time trials. Have everyone run the same course, but put them on a stopwatch to see who can do it the quickest.

The Point: This could be a discussion starter if talking about friendship or the Ecclesiastes principle of, “Two is better than one. If they fall down . . .”

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   Ana         6/17/2016 8:15:00 AM

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   Jeremiahya Anderson         6/15/2016 7:54:12 AM

Awesome Game Idea! I will definitely be using this in my youth group at church.

   Brandon Hassler         8/19/2015 6:48:43 AM


   tarya roberson         9/27/2014 6:52:57 AM

weres the game?

   Ben         11/9/2011 11:06:23 AM

It's fun for those playing, but boring for those watching.