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Christmas Wish List

You don't have to wait til Christmas to play this small group game.

Break students up into groups of 3-6. Provide pens/pencils and pretyped slips of paper or 3x5 cards with the names of celebrities or well-known fictional characters (ideas below). Pass one name each to every group or have them choose blindly from a container or your hand.

Give them a pre-determined amount of time to come up with an imaginary wish list for their celebrity. It's up to you if they win based on number of items, originality, or ridiculousness.

Bonus: If you have time, go online to find out what your preselected celebs are into, then give bonus "points" or credit for items that match.

The Point: Kickstarter for a discussion on gifts, giving, prayer (asking God for things), or before Christmas.

Celebrity Name Ideas

Sports star from your state
“Buddy” the Elf from the movie “Elf”
The President/political figure
Will Smith
Tiger Woods
Dr. Phil
Sponge Bob
Steven Spielberg
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Hanks
50 Cent
Hillary Duff
Denzel Washington
You (or the youth leader, if that’s not you)

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