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Closer To God With Balloons

Blow up about 50 medium sized round balloons in various colors. Write words or phrases that can bring you closer to God on half of the balloons with a black sharpie marker. Write words or phrases that can draw you away from God on the other half. Keep balloons separate in large garbage bags. Divide youth into two teams. Divide room with tape. Put one team on each side.

Leaders keep throwing the good and bad balloons equally on each side of the net/line. Youth must pick up and read the balloons to determine if good or bad. If bad, they want to throw them on the other side. If good, they want to hold on to them. After all balloons are tossed out of bags by leaders, give your two teams a couple more minutes to play. The team with the most good after subtracting how many bad they have on the floor wins.

The Point: Use with a discussion about things that can bring you closer to God vs. things that pull you away from God. Talk about the differences and how easy or difficult it is to hold on (or maintain) either.

Note: Players must be holding on to the good things to count. Good things on the floor don't count. (Don't give them this hint, but we had kids stuffing the good things up their shirts; really funny.)

Added by Julie Curtis

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   Molly         5/6/2014 6:16:13 PM

This game worked GREAT with a group of about 10-12. Offered good discussion platform for following game.