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One Body

Depending on # of players...for each team formed you will need:
    1- t-shirt (or sweat shirt)size 2x-3x
    1- pair sweat pants size 2x-3x
    3 blind folds
    1 laundry basket
    Objects to be put into basket

Form teams of 4 players each:

  • 1-person is the "eyes & mouth"

  • 1-person is the "brain"

  • 1-person is "1/2 the body"

  • 1-person is other "1/2 of body"

Get prepared for game:

  • "Body" gets into the sweat pants and shirt together (then blindfold them).
  • The "Brain" stands behind the "Body" and is blindfolded (may hold on to back of sweat shirt.)

  • The "eyes & mouth" stands next to the "Brain."

How to play:

  • The "Eyes and mouth" whispers to the "brain" what to tell the "Body" to do.

  • The body tries to get the pre-designated objects into their own basket.

  • When all objects are found and in their basket, Team sits down.

  • "Eyes & mouth" yells "DONE!"

  • First team to sit wins!


  • No peeking!

  • "Eyes & mouth" must only "whisper" to the "Brain."

  • "Brain is the only one who can "talk."

  • Body may not use their arm or hand that is inside of the sweat shirt.

Object ideas:

  • Gallon size food cans

  • Twisted pipe cleaners "on" each basket

  • Large ball

This game works best if the objects cannot be picked up with one hand. Have the same kind of object for each team to pick up.

Variation: When all objects are found and in team baskets...Leader yells "Done!" Each team sits and the team with the most objects in their basket wins. This way does not require identical objects for each team.

The Point/Discussion Idea: Ask what they learned about the Church being "One Body" through this game.

Added by Vonnie Waldrop

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