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Diving Board PIG

Line up kids behind the diving board. Just like the basketball game "PIG" (or HORSE) the first person says what they are going to try to do. If they do it the next person has to do the same dive, flip, or whatever they did. If they also do it correctly then the next person has to do it as well. As soon as someone messes up they get a letter and then the next person in line calls what they are going to attempt. This continues until all but one person is eliminated by spelling "PIG".

Rule: You can only use the same dive once per game. (Otherwise you will have one person just keep doing the same double flip that no one else can do.)

Pick a judge or vote to decide if they get a letter or not.

Added by C. Wyatt

See Jump or Dive (Click Here).

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   marquice brown         11/14/2013 11:16:55 AM

I love the gamies